NTC/320: Network Design Associate

To abide the arrangement architecture to abutment the advance and amplification plan of West Consulting this week, you will actualize a modular architecture diagram and angle summary. Reference the West Consulting Arrangement Architecture Arbitrary and your completed Anniversary One Individual Appointment titled, "West Consulting Customer Architecture Summary" back commutual this task. Create a Modular Architecture Angle that includes the following: A diagram of your proposed hierarchical action arrangement that illustrates the relationships amid the access, distribution,and amount layers application the accomplishing plan created in your Anniversary One Individual Appointment titled, "West Consulting Customer Architecture Summary." A arbitrary that capacity the following: The Cisco®design attempt and access you will use to abutment this activity and its assorted requirements The accomplish the you will booty to ensure the activity plan and arrangement architecture abode West Consulting's abiding cardinal affairs and goals Areas of specific affair accompanying to the attributes of the cartoon abstracts (traffic types, bandwidth, etc.) and accordant industry best practices you will chase to absorb in acclamation these abeyant concerns A arbitrary of how your architecture meets modularity, resiliency, and scalability for approaching growth   Diagram your action arrangement architecture in Microsoft® Visio®. Document the butt of your Architecture Angle as either a: A 2-page Microsoft® Word document An 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with abundant apostle notes Note: You will use this completed appointment as you appointment on abutting week's assignment.

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