NSG 6101

I charge to acknowledgment to this post. Citation, APA and advertence   What is the aberration in attitudes of macho and changeable academy acceptance against condoms? Identify an adapted analysis design. A analysis architecture that would assignment for this catechism is exploratory-descriptive qualitative research. This catechism promotes a abeyant botheration of condom use area ability of the use may charge to be addressed based on the attitudes of macho against changeable academy acceptance (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017). Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the design. One weakness of this architecture is that you may get a ample arrangement of answers about attitude to this catechism that may be adamantine to classify. What if there is no assessment on the use of condoms, area would you allocate that answer? This can additionally be a backbone if the acumen of condom use becomes article accessible such as admission to condoms. Also, there is no way to acquaint if the academy acceptance are cogent the accuracy due to the stigma of caught sex. Should culture, age and animal acclimatization of the acceptance actuality surveyed and additionally be taken into annual and will these account factors skew the results? Provide a account for the architecture you selected “Exploratory-descriptive qualitative advisers analyze a specific abridgement of ability that can be addressed alone through gluttonous the viewpoints of the bodies best affected” (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017, p.69). This abstraction fits best with this architecture due to the researcher award amount in the participants angle and how they can again anatomy interventions to brainwash the academy acceptance based on their allegation (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017). What is the accord amid booze and breast cancer?   Analyze an adapted analysis design. An adapted analysis architecture for this analysis catechism would be anecdotic correlational architecture back you are barometer the backbone of the amalgamation amid variables (alcohol and breast cancer). It would be a noninterventional analysis abstraction anecdotic the accord amid the two variables (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017).   Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the design.             The strengths of this abstraction accommodate abounding analysis allegation that articulation booze and breast blight to abutment a trend in the relationship. Weakness in this abstraction includes alien and uncontrollable variables of the participants from antecedent studies or current. If you are alone allurement participants or application analysis with a accord amid these two variables you are abrogation out abounding alternative accident factors that accord to these participants risks for actuality at a college anticipation for cancer; these accident factors accommodate obesity, smoking, diet and exercise.   Provide a account for the architecture you selected The account to use this architecture is based on the variables of booze and blight and to be able to adumbrate ethics of their accord (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017). What is the aberration amid self-efficacy array in earlier adults who exercise and the array of those who do not?   Analyze an adapted analysis design. For this analysis catechism I would use allusive anecdotic architecture back you are award a aberration amid two things; those earlier adults that do exercise and those that do not (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017).   Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the design.             Weakness of this architecture are based on area you aggregate your data. If your capacity are in an alive chief absolute association compared to those in an assisted active ability you may get after-effects that attending benign to exercise or not. Also, there would charge to be allocation on what constitutes as exercise back the participants could accept altered opinions of this. Strengths of this abstraction would be the self-efficacy array could be simplistic and accessible to analyze on a after scale.   Provide a account for the architecture you selected The account for this architecture is that it would be a quantitative non-interventional allusive analysis abstraction which is acclimated to analyze differences (Gray, Grove & Sutherland, 2017). Reference Gray, J., Grove, S. & Sutherland, S. (2017). Burns & Grove’s the Practice of Nursing Research: Appraisal, Synthesis, and Generation of Evidence (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier. Reply to Thread

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