NR631 Week 3 BA

  Purpose The purpose of this appointment is to accommodate learners with the befalling to accommodate the ability and abilities abstruse throughout the program, and to accommodate learners with the befalling to acquaint a bookish activity in a able manner. Due Date Submit by 11:59 p.m. MT on Sunday of Week 3 Total Points Possible: 100 Requirements Review any antecedent abstract analysis you accept completed accompanying to your CGE activity topic. If you accept not ahead completed a bookish abstract analysis on your affair (i.e., your affair may accept changed), again you will actualize a new abstract analysis with this assignment. Complete a database chase on your activity and abridge the results, abacus any new or accordant bookish sources to your review. Focus on the best accordant accessories or studies that abode your botheration or affair or altercate resolutions to the problem. Include any studies that do not abutment your projected resolution or booty a altered approach. In addition, chase for analytical reviews about the botheration or concern. Write a analysis of the abstract or amend your absolute abstract analysis application the afterward outline. Comprehensive analysis of the accepted evidence-based abstract from nursing and accompanying disciplines as appropriate Application of evidence-based abstract to project Analysis of the literature: whether it supports your resolution; another solutions; how absolute abstract afflicted your proposal Using this outline will ensure that you are in acquiescence with Chamberlain's reuse/repurpose policy. Be abiding to reacquaint yourself with this action or ability out to your adviser if you accept any questions. Preparing the Paper Paper length: 5-8 pages, excluding advertence and appellation pages Minimum cardinal of bookish accessories or studies: 15 Note: The appropriate sources charge accommodated the belief of bookish sources by Chamberlain University definition. You may use alternative nonscholarly sources (i.e., web pages) but those will not calculation against the 15 required. APA format, sixth edition Correct advertence commendation format Reference page Directions and Grading Criteria Category Points % Description Current evidence-based literature 30 30% Current evidence-based abstract from nursing and accompanying disciplines Application of evidence-based literature 30 30% Application of evidence-based literature Analysis of literature 30 30% Analysis of the Literature Mechanics of writing, APA 10 10% Grammar, spelling, APA Total 100 100 A affection cardboard will accommodated or beat all of the aloft requirements.

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