NR228 Nutrition

Week 8: Aggregation Presentations Critique a aggregation presentation alternative than your own, and accommodate what the presentation accomplished you and what is articular in the comestible analysis. 2.  What changes in the presentation would you recommend? Why? 3. Ask questions! Each aggregation is amenable for responding to questions asked of their presentation.  Remember to accommodate sources of abstract in your posts to aback up the statements you make. Remember, we are all about evidence-based practice! APA architecture (6th ed.) and is chargeless of errors        Grammar and mechanics are chargeless of errors chargeless of Plagiarism    References: Use your book, the alfresco antecedent charge be aural the aftermost 5 yrs, Scholarly Article or Nurse journals aural the aftermost 5 yrs Type out the questions and acknowledge to the catechism in APA architecture with commendation and actual abundant responses

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