NR 511 Week 4 Midterm Exam Version 3

NR 511 Week 4 Midterm Assay Version 3

Question 1: In an outpatient setting, what is the best accepted acumen for a abuse suit?

a. Failure to amusement a condition
b. Failure to analyze correctly
c. Ordering the amiss medication
d. Failure to administer care

Question 2: How generally should the analyst appraise the all-overs of a actuality with diabetes?

a. Once a year
b. Every 6 months
c. Every 3 months
d. Every visit

Question 3: Which biologic for Alzheimer’s ache should be administered alpha at the time of diagnosis?

a. Cholinesterase inhibitors
b. Anxiolytics
c. Antidepressants
d. Atypical antipsychotics

Question 4: Which of the afterward medications is the analysis of best for trichomonas?

a. Metranidazole

b. Ceftriaxone

c. Diflucan
d. Doxycycline

Question 5: Best developed poisonings are:

a. advised and self-inflicted.
b. accidental.
c. acquired by addition adulatory to do abuse to the person.
d. not attributed to any reason.

Question 6: A 58-year-old woman presents with a breast mass. Which of the afterward responses by the analyst would be best appropriate?

a. "It is apparently aloof a cyst, because that is the best accepted breast mass."
b. "We will adjustment a mammogram and ultrasound to advice authorize a diagnosis."
c. "We will go advanced and agenda you for a biopsy because that is the alone way to apperceive for sure."
d. "Because your agglomeration is painful, it is best acceptable not cancer."

Question 7: Which of the afterward is a specific analysis for assorted sclerosis (MS)?

a. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
b. Computed tomography (CT) scan
c. A lumbar puncture
d. There is no specific test.

Question 8: Afterwards removing a tack from a blazon 2 diabetic’s heel and evaluating the armpit for infection, what is the best plan for this patient?

a. Suggest she use a heating pad to advance circulation
b. Refer to a podiatrist for a bottom affliction analysis plan
c. Send her for acupuncture treatments
d. All of the above

Question 9: Which adapted of aberration helps to analyze aberration from dementia?

a. Abrupt onset
b. Impaired attention
c. Affective changes
d. Delusions

Question 10: Which analytic affection is the aboriginal to be afflicted in added intracranial burden (ICP)?

a. Decrease in akin of alertness (LOC)
b. Headache
c. Nausea
d. Widening beating pressure

Question 11: Jennifer is an 18-year-old babe who comes to the emergency allowance afterwards a abatement during a soccer game. Jennifer explains that she fell on her larboard ancillary and kept her arm out beeline to breach her fall. She has been experiencing astringent affliction and bound ambit of motion in her larboard shoulder. The analyst has diagnosed Jennifer with a confused shoulder. Which of the afterward statements are accurate apropos accept dislocation?  

a. Posterior dislocations are added accepted than antecedent dislocations.
b. There is a accident of neurovascular and neurosensory trauma, so the analyst should analysis for distal pulses.
c. Recurrent dislocations are aberrant and would crave a greater force to aftereffect in injury.
d. Surgery is best frequently the analysis of choice.

Question 12: In the accord archetypal for Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) regulation, the “C” of LACE represents?  

a. Commitment

b. Consensus

c. Certification
d. Collaboration

Question 13: Which of the afterward signs or affection announce an anarchic analysis to musculoskeletal pain?  

a. Decreased C-reactive protein
b. Hyperalbuminemia
c. Morning stiffness
d. Weight gain

Question 14: Which of the afterward statements is accurate apropos the musculoskeletal exam?  

a. The abstract ancillary should be advised initially and compared to the complex side.
b. The allotment of the anatomy that is causing the accommodating affliction should be advised first.
c. The accommodating should not be asked to accomplish alive range-of-motion (ROM) contest whenever accessible to abstain causing pain.
d. Radiographs should consistently be acquired above-mentioned to assay so as not to account added abrasion to the patient.

Question 15: The analyst sees a accommodating who is 5 all-overs alpine and weighs 150 pounds. How would the analyst allocate this patient?  

a. Overweight

b. Mild obesity

c. Moderate obesity
d. Morbid obesity

Question 16: S presents in the dispensary with pain, tenderness, erythema, and abscess of his larboard abundant toe. The analyst suspects astute gout. Which of the afterward should the analyst doubtable in the antecedent analysis after-effects for this patient?  

a. Animated uric acerbic level
b. Animated claret urea nitrogen (BUN)
c. Decreased urine pH
d. Decreased C-reactive protein (CRP)

Question 17: Which of the afterward statements is accurate apropos the analysis of carpal adit syndrome?  

a. The ambition of analysis is to anticipate flexion and addendum movements of the wrist.
b. Splints are acclimated in carpal adit affection because they acquiesce for chargeless movement of the fingers and deride while advancement the wrist in a aloof position.
c. Corticosteroid injections are beat in the analysis of carpal adit affection because of the risks for average assumption damage, scarring, and infection.
d. All of the above

Question 18: The vegetarian accommodating with gout asks the analyst about aliment that he should avoid. The analyst should admonish the accommodating to abstain which of the afterward foods?  

a. Rice
b. Carrots
c. Spinach
d. Potatoes

Question 19: A 23-year-old sexually alive woman presents for her aboriginal Pap smear. Her history includes nulligravida, age at aboriginal action 14, and added than 10 animal partners. Which of the afterward altitude should the analyst be decidedly alive for during her exam?  

a. Human papillomavirus (HPV)
b. Endometrial hyperplasia
c. Vagismus
d. Polycystic ovarian syndrome

Question 20: Which accommodating is added acceptable to accept a array headache?  

a. A changeable in her changeable years
b. A 40-year-old African American male
c. A 55-year-old changeable who drinks 10 cups of coffee daily
d. A 45-year-old macho alive at night

Question 21: A sunscreen with a sun-protection agency (SPF) of at atomic what cardinal will block best adverse ultraviolet (UV) radiation?  

a. 4

b. 8 d

c. 10
d. 15

Question 22: Which of the afterward classes of drugs should be acclimated as first-line analysis for analysis of delirium?  

a. Benzodiazepines
b. Antipsychotics
c. Anticonvulsants
d. Antidepressants

Question 23: What is the analysis of best for a accommodating diagnosed with testicular cancer?

a. Radical orchidectomy

b. Lumpectomy

c. Radiation implants
d. All of the above

Question 24: Sam, age-old 65, is started on L-dopa for his Parkinson’s ache (PD). He asks why this is necessary. You acquaint him:

a. "L-dopa is neuroprotective."
b. "The primary ambition of analysis is to alter depleted food of dopamine."
c. "This is the alone biologic that can accommodate adapted benefit."
d. "This is the antecedent monotherapy drug."

Question 25: A 60-year-old man presents with an continued scrotum. The analyst uses a penlight to transilluminate the scrotum. In a accommodating with a hydrocele, what would the analyst apprehend to find?

a. The scrotum will be dark.
b. The scrotum will arise ablaze blush or yellow.
c. The scrotum will arise alabaster white.
d. The centralized structures will be acutely visible.

Question 26: A 24-year-old woman presents to the dispensary with dysuria, dyspareunia, and a mucopurulent vaginal discharge. Her admirer was afresh advised for nongonococcal urethritis. What sexually transmitted ache (STD) has she best apparently been apparent to?
a. Gonorrhea
b. Human papillomavirus (HPV)
c. Chlamydia
d. Trichomonas

Question 27: A 58-year-old woman who had a absolute belly hysterectomy at the age of 45 is diagnosed with atrophic vaginitis. Which of the afterward is the best adapted treatment?
a. Conjugated estrogen 0.625 mg/day oral
b. Estradiol 7.5 mcg/24 hr vaginal ring
c. Medroxyprogesterone 10 mg/day oral
d. Conjugated estrogen 0.3 mg + medroxyprogesterone 1.5 mg/day oral

Question 28: Aback attractive beneath the microscope to analyze an intravaginal infection, you see a array of baby and egg-shaped to annular shapes. What do you doubtable they are?  

a. Spores

b. Leukocytes

c. Pseudohyphae

d. Epithelial cells

Question 29: A 22-year-old macho is apparent in the dispensary because he begin a adamantine agglomeration in his testicle aback assuming testicular brooding (TSE). Which of the afterward should be included in the account of cogwheel diagnoses?
a. Testicular cancer

b. Inguinal hernia

c. Varicocele
d. All of the above

Question 30: The analyst should Question: the accommodating with doubtable gout about use of which of these medications that may be a accident factor?

a. Low-dose aspirin

b. Thiazide diuretics

c. Ethambutol
d. All of the above

Question 31: What is usually the aboriginal assurance or evidence that a accommodating would present with that would accomplish you doubtable canker zoster?
a. A cutting blazon of affliction on one baby breadth of the body
b. A vesicular bark bane on one ancillary of the body
c. A affliction that is worse aloft awakening
d. A bane on the exoteric ear canal

Question 32: Which ethical assumption reflects account for all bodies and their self-determination?
a. Autonomy

b. Beneficence

c. Justice
d. Veracity

Question 33: Patients with a ad-lib pneumothorax should be counseled that up to what allotment may acquaintance a alliteration at some point?  

a. 10%

b. 20%

c. 30%
d. 50%

Question 34: John is a 16-year-old boy who presents to the emergency allowance afterwards affliction his knee in a football game. He declared agee his knee and afresh actuality clumsy to extend it completely. John tells the analyst that he heard a pop aback the abrasion occurred and has been experiencing localized pain. The analyst suspects a meniscal tear. Which analysis would be best adapted to appraise for the attendance of a meniscal tear?

a. Valgus accent test
b. McMurray circumduction test
c. Lachman test
d. Varus accent test

Question 35: Which of the afterward class allegation should the analyst apprehend in a accommodating with basic Graves' disease?
a. Animated thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
b. Animated T4
c. Animated TRH
d. All of the above

Question 36: Which biologic frequently assigned for burns is alive adjoin a advanced spectrum of microbial bacilli and is the best frequently acclimated abettor for partial- and full-thickness thermal injuries?
a. Clotrimazole chrism (Lotrimen)
b. Mafenide acetate (Sulfamylon)
c. Silver nitrate
d. Silver sulfadiazine (Silvadene)

Question 37: During a agenda abdominal assay (DRE) on a 75-year-old man, the analyst suspects the accommodating has prostate cancer. What concrete award should accomplish the analyst suspicious?

a. An continued adaptable gland

b. A adamantine aberrant gland

c. A breakable gland
d. A addled gland

Question 38: Janet is a 30-year-old woman who has been afresh diagnosed with a herniated disc at the akin of L5-S1. She is currently in the emergency allowance with suspicion of cauda equina compression. Which of the afterward is a assurance or evidence of cauda equina compression?
a. Gastrocnemius weakness
b. A bargain or absent abate reflex
c. Numbness in the crabbed foot
d. Paresthesia of the perineum and buttocks

Question 39: The belief for diagnosing ambiguous all-overs ataxia in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (text revision) (DSM-IV-TR) accompaniment that boundless anguish or alarm charge be present added canicule than not for at least:

a. 1 month.
b. 3 months.
c. 6 months.
d. 12 months.

Question 40: The analyst has instructed Sam, a 25-year-old accommodating with low aback strain, to use NSAIDs to administer his affection of affliction and discomfort. Which of the afterward statements would be best adapted aback teaching Sam about the use of NSAIDs to administer his pain?

a. You should alpha with the everyman dosage that is able in managing your pain, because abiding use of NSAIDs can aftereffect in gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as ulcers and hemorrhage.
b. You should alpha with the everyman dosage that is able in managing your affliction in adjustment to abstain developing altruism to the medication.
c. You should booty the best recommended dosage of NSAIDs so that you will not charge to booty narcotics to ascendancy your pain.
d. It is important to booty NSAIDs on an abandoned abdomen in adjustment to access absorption.

Question 41: A accommodating is diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Which of the afterward electrocardiogram (ECG) changes should the analyst apprehend as a appearance of the disease?  

a. Sinus bradycardia

b. Atrial fibrillation

c. Supraventricular tachycardia
d. U waves

Question 42: Sam is a 25-year-old man who has been diagnosed with low aback ache based on his history of localized low aback affliction and beef access forth with a accustomed acoustic examination. As the clinician, you explain to Sam that low aback affliction is a analysis of exclusion. Which of the afterward affection would alive the analyst to the added austere award of a herniated basis pulposus or burst disc?
a. Morning acerbity and bound advancement of the lumbar spine
b. Unilateral radicular affliction affection that extend beneath the knee and are according to or greater than the aback pain
c. Fever, chills, and animated corpuscle sedimentation rate
d. Pathologic fractures, astringent night pain, weight loss, and fatigue

Question 43: Which blazon of bake abrasion after-effects in abolition of covering with best of the dermis, yet the epidermal beef lining beard follicles and diaphoresis glands abide intact?
a. Superficial burns
b. Superficial partial-thickness burns
c. Deep partial-thickness burns
d. Full-thickness burns

Question 44: Immunizations are an archetype of which blazon of prevention?

a. Primary
b. Secondary
c. Tertiary

Question 45: If a ahead frostbitten breadth becomes frostbitten afresh afterwards it has healed, what ability occur?

a. Permanent tissue accident may occur, consistent in afterlife to that anatomy part.
b. The breadth will be cool sensitive.
c. The breadth is decumbent to a echo frostbite.
d. The breadth is as affected as any alternative area.

Question 46: In the United States, what is the additional best accepted affiliation tissue ache and the best annihilative to the joints?

a. Osteoarthritis
b. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)
c. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
d. Sjogren's syndrome

Question 47: A 26-year-old woman is apparent with complaints of aberrant vaginal bleeding. Which of the afterward tests should be the aboriginal priority?
a. Pregnancy test

b. Pelvic ultrasound .

c. Endometrial biopsy
d. Platelet count

Question 48: A 45-year-old woman is apparent in the dispensary with complaints of a vaginal discharge. The analyst identifies clue beef on the vaginal smear. Which of the afterward diagnoses is associated with this finding?
a. Trichomonas
b. Bacterial vaginosis
c. Human papillomavirus (HPV)
d. Canker canker virus (HSV)

Question 49: Julie, age-old 50, has cephalalgia headaches, common asthma attacks, coronary avenue disease, and hypertension. Which of the afterward antibacterial medications would you adjustment for her migraines?

a. Propranolol

b. Timolol

c. Ergotamine
d. Topiramate

Question 50: A 64-year-old man with blazon 2 diabetes presents to the dispensary with the complaint of “my all-overs feel like they are on fire.” He has a accident of vibratory sense, +1 Achilles reflex, and a tack anchored in his larboard heel. Which of the afterward would be an adapted treatment?

a. Tricyclic antidepressants
b. Capsacin cream
c. Vitamin B12 injections
d. Insulin

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