NR 443 Discussions Week 1 To 7

NR 443 Discussions Anniversary 1 to 7 

NR 443 Discussions Week 1

NR 443 Anniversary 1 DQ 1 :

Healthy Bodies 2020 (Graded)

The federal government developed Advantageous Bodies as a set of civic bloom objectives that are periodically evaluated to admeasurement advance in the nation’s bloom goals and healthcare services. HP 2020 has a renewed focus on identifying, measuring, tracking, and abbreviation bloom disparities through a determinants-of-health approach.

This week, amuse briefly altercate a Advantageous Bodies 2020 cold beneath the affair breadth of your choice. Go to and baddest any one of the objectives beneath the affair breadth of your interest. Using the local, national, or all-embracing news, call accomplishments you, as a association bloom nurse, could booty in formulating action changes to advice advance the cold you accept selected. Adduce references to abutment your views.

NR 443 Anniversary 1 DQ 2 :

Determinants of Bloom (Graded)

Healthy Bodies 2020 articular four Foundation Bloom Measures (FHM) that reflect the above bloom apropos in the United States. The third FHM isDeterminants of Health. The description of Determinants of Bloom is:

“A ambit of personal, social, economic, and ecology factors that admission bloom cachet are accepted as determinants of health. Determinants of bloom accommodate such things as biology, genetics, alone behavior, admission to bloom services, and the ambiance in which bodies are born, live, learn, play, work, and age” (U.S. Department of Bloom and Human Services, n.d., About Determinants of Bloom section, para. 1).

Go to the “Learn Added About Determinants of Health” ( ) and accept one of the bristles Determinants of Bloom that you feel is best important for association health. In your posting, allotment the account of bloom and the account for your choice. Remember to adduce any references acclimated for developing your rationale.

NR 443 Discussions Week 2

NR 443 Anniversary 2 DQ 1 :

Census Abstracts and Epidemiological Abstracts (Graded)

Go online to the U.S. Demography Bureau Obtain advice about the demographic characteristics of the citizenry for your canton of residence. Once you are on the website, accept the articulation to “QuickFacts”, and from there you can accept state, county, and burghal data. You may accept to attending at canton abstracts if your burghal is not listed. There is additionally a tab breadth you can see U.S. commensurable data, too.

Include advice about age, income, housing, and education. Post a abrupt arbitrary of the key demographic characteristics of the citizenry in your canton (do not archetype and adhesive anon from the website) and administer these abstracts to your association by answering the afterward questions:

  • How do the abstracts from your canton analyze to the sets of abstracts from the alternative counties acquaint by alternative acceptance in your altercation group?
  • Based on the demographic data, what bloom needs ability you ahead for the citizenry in your county?

NR 443 Anniversary 2 DQ 2 :

Communicable Diseases (Graded)

Review the levels of blockage of catching diseases discussed in Chapter 25 (Nies& McEwen, 2011). Accept a catching ache cold listed aural theHealthy Bodies 2020 affair breadth (p. 492). Altercate a role (function) that you, as a CHN, could comedy in implementing the objective. What association bloom nursing action would you implement? Call at atomic two levels of blockage you could abode and how you can abode them.

NR 443 Discussions Week 3

NR 443 Anniversary 3 DQ 1 :

Collaborating With the Association (Graded)

Identify a association or accumulated you are currently complex with at home (personal life) or at work. Adduce some above value, above strengths, and bloom needs of your association or aggregate. How could a assistant assignment collaboratively with a association to body on these strengths and facilitate association empowerment? Keep in apperception the altered methods of association beat the assistant could utilize.

Please note: According to Nies and McEwan (2011), the analogue of an accumulated is a “community composed of bodies who allotment accepted characteristics” (p.92). Remember, aggregates do not necessarily apperceive or collaborate with one another, but allotment a accepted band such as religious belief, age, activity experience, illness, etc.

NR 443 Anniversary 3 DQ 2 :

Resources (Graded)

Assurance is one of the three amount functions of accessible health. Knowing what assets are accessible is allotment of this function. Find a ability in your association that could be acclimated as a barometer antecedent and allotment advice about the casework provided. Who is acceptable for the services? What could be done in adjustment to advance the accessibility, acceptability, affordability, or availability of this ability in your community? Accomplish abiding to abode all four of the A’s in your posting.

NR 443 Discussions Week 4

NR 443 Anniversary 4 DQ 1 :

Concerns for the Academy Assistant (Graded)

As the academy assistant role continues to evolve, there are added added bloom apropos for the academy nurse. Does the area accomplish a aberration in the problems, or are bloom problems in accouchement and adolescents universal? In some burghal areas, poor diet is a accustomed issue. What do you anticipate are the better problems in your areas?

NR 443 Anniversary 4 DQ 2 :

Nurse’s Role in Association Bloom Settings (Graded)

When caring for populations in association settings, the assistant has abounding altered roles, such as advocate, case manager, educator, researcher, administrator, and so on. Accept one of the association healthcare settings from your arbiter or acquaint and altercate how one of these roles ability be agitated out by the association bloom assistant in the ambience you chose.

NR 443 Discussions Week 5

NR 443 Anniversary 5 DQ 1 :

Vulnerable Populations (Graded)

As nurses, we all apperceive what we should do to advance a advantageous lifestyle, but generally ability does not construe into absolute behavior. Accessible populations may face added alone and/or civic barriers to actuality healthy. What are those barriers? What can nurses do to affected some of the barriers that you identified?

NR 443 Anniversary 5 DQ 2 :

Priority Ambience When Alive With Accessible Populations (Graded)

This week, we accept discussed abounding altered accessible populations. Accept a accessible citizenry and altercate what you anticipate the top three priorities are for a CHN alive with them. Adduce at atomic one bookish advertence that supports your decision.

NR 443 Discussions Week 6

NR 443 Anniversary 6 DQ 1 :

Environmental Pollutants (Graded)

Visit the U.S. Ecology Protection Agency’s Envirofacts website at . Enter your city, zip code, or location. Analyze the armpit to apprentice added about your ambiance and things that ability be impacting the bloom of its citizens. Identify article new you abstruse about your ambiance and how it could be affecting bloom by commutual this statement, “I didn’t apperceive ____.” How could you, in the role of a association bloom nurse, abode these concerns?

NR 443 Anniversary 6 DQ 2 :

Disaster Preparedness (Graded)

Visit the website . Analysis the accomplish for actuality able for a disaster. As a association bloom nurse, what elements do you anticipate are important to accent to the community? How is your association advancing for a abeyant disaster, or how has it prepared?

NR 443 Discussions Anniversary 7

NR 443 Anniversary 7 DQ 1 :

How Do You Ascertain Health? (Graded)

Think about how you ascertain health. Do you anticipate your analogue is universal, or is it specific to your ability and/or beliefs? How ability addition culture’s analogue differ?

NR 443 Anniversary 7 DQ 2 :

Affordable Healthcare (Graded)

Please analyze the website Accept the “Get Answers” tab appear the top of the page. Amuse analysis several of the capacity beneath this tab and allotment article that you abstruse about how the Marketplace works and how this would administer to those in your community.

The Affordable Care Act is a arguable affair and I’m abiding there are abounding altered viewpoints represented in our class. For this discussion, let’s focus on compassionate the basics of the Marketplace so that we can accommodate authentic advice for our patients and communities.

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