NR 361 Week 2 Discussions & Assignment Information Systems In Healthcare

NR 361 Week 2 Discussions & Assignment Advice Systems in Healthcare

Week 2

NR 361 Week 2 DQ 1 Adventures with Healthcare Advice Systems

Share your adventures with healthcare advice systems in your analytic setting. What are the pros and cons of accommodating care? If you are not currently working, anticipate about your adventures as a customer of healthcare services, befitting in apperception that they are all about us behindhand of area we access our own healthcare.

NR 361 Week 2 DQ 2 Helping Aunt Mary

Your Aunt Mary is aged and lives alone. She aloof alternate from a appointment with her primary affliction physician. She noticed today that Dr. Alice did not accompany a blueprint into the assay room. Instead, she had a little computer. Aunt Mary is upset. She does not accept this new technology as it relates to her healthcare. What key concepts about EHRs would you accommodate in an breezy teaching plan for Aunt Mary?

Week 2 Assignment:

NR 361 Week 2 Assignment; Accommodating Guide to the WWW

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