Preventing avalanche while in the hospital  Requirements: Students will analysis the California Nurse Convenance Act (NPA) and a abstract analysis on hospital behavior and procedures and address a abrupt article anecdotic the above functions of each.  The majority of the article should be a absorption on the appulse that the Act (or a specific allotment of the NPA) and hospital behavior will accept on your able cachet as a registered nurse -The appointment was for you to artlessly address that the NPA is the accompaniment law that dictates how registered nurses are acceptable to convenance aural anniversary state. -----=---Additionally, hospital behavior are actual specific rules that accord abundant detail on how an R.N. may practice.  -For example, the NPA tells us we charge accommodate care, abundance and assurance for our patients.  -One way to accumulate them safe is by preventing falls.  -The hospital action will again detail how, what, with what blazon of solution, and how frequently.  -In accession to this there will be a abstracted action on the use of bedrails.  -thesis or a purpose statement. 

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