Notes on Society

Chapter 10 Amusing Stratification: a arrangement by which a association ranks categories of bodies in a hierarchy, it is a affection of society, begin in all society's, carries over from bearing to bearing and creates systems and chic Amusing Mobility: a change in position aural the amusing bureaucracy Caste System: Closed arrangement based on ascription, or birth, little or no mobility, shapes a bodies absolute life, action and marriage. Begin in acceptable Agrarian societies. Chic System: amusing stratification based on both birth, ascription and alone achievement, meritocracy. Meritocracy: Amusing stratification based on claimed arete Status Consistency: the amount of accord in a person's amusing continuing beyond assorted ambit of amusing inequality. Example: A academy assistant with avant-garde degrees enjoys aerial authority but alone earns a bashful wage. Structural Amusing Mobility: a about-face in the amusing position of ample numbers of bodies due added to changes in association itself than to alone efforts Ideology: cultural behavior that absolve accurate amusing arrangements, including patterns of inequality Davis Moore thesis: A arrangement of diff rewards is all-important to abode accomplished bodies in the appropriate jobs and to actuate them to assignment hard. the anatomic assay claiming that amusing stratification has benign after-effects for the operation of association Blue Collar occupations: lower authority jobs that absorb mostly chiral action White Collar occupations: Higher-prestige jobs that absorb mostly brainy action Socioeconomic Status, SES: a blended baronial based on assorted ambit of amusing inequality Conspicuous Consumption: Buying and application articles because of the "statement" they accomplish about amusing position Chapter 11 Income: balance from assignment or investments Wealth: The absolute amount of money and alternative assets, bare outstanding debts Intragenerational Amusing Mobility: a change in amusing position occurring during a person's lifetime. Intergenerational Amusing Mobility: advancement or bottomward amusing advancement of accouchement in affiliation to their parents Feminization of Poverty: the trend of women authoritative up an accretion admeasurement of the poor Chapter 12 Global Stratification: Patterns of amusing asperity in the apple as a accomplished Aerial Income Country: nations with the accomplished all-embracing standards of active Middle Income Country: nations with the accepted of active that is about the boilerplate for the apple Low Income Country: nations with low accepted of active in which best bodies are poor Modernization Theory: is a archetypal of bread-and-butter and amusing development that explains all-around asperity in agreement of abstruse and cultural differences amid nations Dependency Theory: explains all-around asperity in agreement of the actual corruption of poor societies by affluent ones

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