Not an Ayn Rand Essay

The fiction novel, The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand is based off of her aesthetics of Objectivism. Ayn Rand defines and separates her aesthetics of Objectivism into four altered and audible parts. The aboriginal allotment Ayn Rand explains is Metaphysics. Metaphysics is an cold absoluteness area you alone acquire facts as absoluteness and not fantasies or desires. The abutting allotment of Objectivism is Epistemology, which is acumen by acquainted absoluteness by application ability or facts as your guide. The third allotment is Ethics and self-interest. The final allotment of Objectivism is laissez-faire capitalism, which is according barter while the government acts as a badge force only. The third allotment of Objectivism, Ethics and Self-Interest, is explained by Ayn Rand as “Man—every man—is an end in himself, not the agency to the ends of others. He charge abide for his own sake, neither sacrificing himself to others nor sacrificing others to himself. The following of his own rational arrogance and of his own beatitude is the accomplished moral purpose of his life. ” – Ayn Rand. This adduce is best represented as Appearance in Objectivism. Ayn Rand’s book, The Fountainhead, compares the ethics of individuals in association and shows how the individualists act abnormally and, by the end, become articular and looked aloft as acceptable back they stick to their own ideals. Howard Roark is created as the advocate of The Fountainhead. Roark is additionally the best representation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism. Lois Cook is alien into the book by allurement Peter Keating to body an animal abode to her satisfaction, adage “Let’s be gods. Let’s be ugly” (Cook, 241) . Both Howard Roark and Lois Cook both accomplish their own following for arrogance and to their own beatitude as the accomplished moral purpose of their lives. Alike admitting Lois Cook can be apparent as an individual, her self-interests can be apparent as immoral, which can be assured that Lois is not an Individualist, while Howard Roark is best fit as an egoistic in the eyes of Ayn Rand. Back we attending into the adventure The Fountainhead, we appointment the characteristics that both Howard Roark and Lois Cook portray. When Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead, she advised to accumulate the syntax simple so readers could get an compassionate of Objectivism and individualism. We can acutely see that the protagonist, Howard Roark, is portrayed as an objectivist and individualist, who additionally rejects the affliction of amusing standards, while Lois Cook is apparent as a radical, who altar the best of amusing standards. Back we go alike added into The Fountainhead, we ascertain that Howard Roark loves his blazon of avant-garde architectonics in architectonics rather than apropos to the earlier and added identifiable types of architectonics from history, such as Greek or Roman architecture. Because he prefers to improve his own designs, he is abeyant from Stanton’s convention of technology and has been removed from several jobs. Roark was offered a job to body a new bank, but he won’t change any of his own designs. The affliction allotment about Howard Roark’s out of luck bearings is that his designs are brilliant. Alike Peter Keating refers to Howard Roark in needs of assistance, because Howard Roark’s designs are admirable and altered to the eyes of people. Even then, back Howard Roark isn’t accustomed acclaim for designing the buildings, acclaim was all accustomed to Keating, who didn’t acquire abundant acceptance for himself to, at the least, attack to actualize his own architectural designs. While we abide to attending at Howard Roark, we can see that while Ayn Rand created Howard Roark, he stays as his own afterwards sacrificing or desert his own behavior to accretion himself a college cachet in society, and Roark alone pursues his own self-interests to accompany himself to his accomplished moral purpose. Howard Roark has his own alone goals that others would see as absurd and stupid, while he backward as an alone with his own ethics and succeeded. These are what Ayn Rand would accede individualized, because Howard Roark attempts to accomplish a change aural association and has his own values, while association wishes to abide the aforementioned and put bottomward others who don’t chase what they acquire in. Howard Roark seeks to create, not aloof his aboriginal designs and building, but additionally a faculty of originality. Henry Cameron, Howard Roark’s inspiration, already told him that unless he afflicted his ethics of architecture, he would never accomplish it big in the business. Howard Roark denied what he said anyways, adage that he wishes to abide with his own work. Alike back he got assassin by Francon & Heyer, Howard Roark connected to stick with his own avant-garde designs over befitting on earlier architectural designs. Howard Roark alike fabricated his own architectonics and architectonics close which was congenital on his own avant-garde behavior and ideals. Added on in the book, Howard Roark connected to break with his own ethics and behavior back he went to cloister twice. During the aboriginal trial, he was sued for the architecture of a building, which was advised by Ellsworth Toohey. Toohey did this so he could annihilate the avant-garde Howard Roark from the artist business, which was about successful. Roark was begin accusable and had to shut bottomward his artist firm, but still had acceptance in his own ideals. The additional balloon was on the activity of Howard Roark antibacterial the Cortlandt homes project, afterwards his affairs actuality changed. During the trial, Howard Roark fabricated some statements about arrogance and about actual alone with oneself. Howard Roark goes on about bodies who actualize and how they ache from the corruptness of societies, which is in advertence to Peter Keating back he asked Roark for advice all of the times Keating asked Roark for advice on assertive designs, which fabricated Keating famous. Howard Roark was afterwards begin not accusable and won the balloon Howard Roark concluded up marrying Dominique Francon afterwards because he was assured with his own alone account while Peter Keating wasn’t able to be individual. Howard Roark is absolutely created as an egoistic by Ayn Rand, because he prevails through all of the situations he encounters with his own ethics with him. Whether or not the outcomes for Howard Roark were acceptable or bad, he never afflicted his ethics or behavior in every situation, authoritative him an individualist. While Howard Roark is absolutely accepted to be an individualist, Lois Cook has a faculty of individualism, but is too abolitionist and abandoned to be classified as an individualist. As we attending into The Fountainhead, Cook has apparent herself adjoin best of the amusing norms. Alike admitting Howard Roark doesn’t chase amusing standards, Lois Cook goes to the abandoned extremes of abstinent acceptable hygiene and altitude of active areas. She doesn’t anticipate about the base ability of college authorities or any of the alternative awfully poor amusing problems. The acumen that Ayn Rand shows her readers Lois Cook was to appearance a actuality who attempted individualism, but did not absolutely become individual. Lois Cook has characteristics like an egoistic but isn’t absolutely one. Lois Cook wants to be addition original, different, an individual, but her ethics are acute and immoral. Is it not actual accessible to altercate that poor hygiene is a acceptable idea. It additionally isn’t accessible to altercate that anyone could adore ailing advised buildings. It is acicular out acutely that Lois Cook is radically abandoned and isn’t an individual. Some ability advance that Lois Cook is a actuality who creates. Others ability altercate that her nonconformity makes her and egoistic still. But, her ethics could be best organized as nihilistic. Nihilism is a appetite to abort and bounce of morals. Lois Cook could be best compared with Ellsworth Toohey, who additionally capital to abort people’s reputations, bodies such as Howard Roark in the architectural business. Ayn Rand explained actuality alone additionally meant to acquire morals. Lois Cook didn’t acquire abounding behavior back she was alien into the book for the abbreviate aeon of time, so she couldn’t be classified as an egoistic beneath the ethics of objectivism and individualism. Ayn Rand carefully placed Lois Cook in The Fountainhead in adjustment for the readers to see a aberration of characteristics amid Appearance and Lois Cook. We can achieve from this that Lois Cook was alone an archetype of how Appearance is misinterpreted by the minds of bodies who haven’t absolutely anticipation about the ethics of appearance or behavior of objectivism. In conclusion, Howard Roark is absolutely an individualist, while Lois Cook is not an individualist. Howard Roark shows the qualities and characteristics that Ayn Rand defines as an individualist. While Lois Cook shows some characteristics of actuality an individualist, her anarchic and abandoned ethics appearance that she cannot be an egoistic and will never be with her ethics if she continues to not acquire facts that there are some amusing norms that are bare for man’s adaptation and individualism.

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