Norway Essay

Norway Norway, amid in arctic Europe, is acclaimed to be one of the steadiest and defended economies in the world. It shares its bound with Sweden to the east, Russia appear the Far East and Finland shares its borders with Norway to the north. The country although small, with a absolute breadth of 148,746 aboveboard afar aloof aloft 4.8 million, has amazing potential. Oslo, the capital, is the bigger burghal and a aloft banking and bartering hub accouterment all amenities that alternative European cities accommodate to its 568,809 population. Norway acquired ability on May 17, 1905 and the government is adopted democratically although absolution is additionally inherited. Norway is additionally the 5th wealthiest country in the apple with a GDP per capita continuing at an aberrant amount of US$ 55,200 and the boilerplate GNP per capita is the accomplished in the accomplished world. The abridgement has developed at an outstanding clip anytime aback the automated era kicked off. The country additionally has all-inclusive oil deposits and alternative accustomed assets which were apparent in the 1970s and capitalized upon. The country is operated through a alloyed abridgement with a assertive akin of accompaniment influence. Norway is additionally abundantly accepted as the Acreage of the Midnight Sun. Moreover its admirable countryside, altruistic work, ability and best chiefly its aircraft industry accept played a acute role in announcement Norway throughout Europe and the world. In agreement of beastly development, it is rated the accomplished and in 2007 was blue-blooded as the best peaceful and serene country in the apple by the Global Peace Index. It is additionally one of the aloft banking donors to the United Nations, and additionally participates in all-embracing missions in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Sudan. Country Attractiveness Norway has amazing abeyant for advance in about all industries abnormally shipping, fishing, oil, aliment processing, mining and cardboard articles to name a few. It indulges in announcement a advanced ambiance for businesses to accomplish in. The oil sector, mainly the adopted oil industry has admiring aloft investments in the accomplished and would absolutely abide to do so in the future. The acquirement generated through oil is acclimated by Norway to advance its amusing affluence arrangement which is advised one of the best in the world. The country is in the antecedent stages of developing its accomplishment and automated abject accordingly there are all-inclusive opportunities for investors mainly in the banking casework sector. Norway has enjoyed chargeless barter with the EU admitting actuality a affiliate which highlights the accent EU gives to the nation state. Moreover, Norway has additionally adopted abounding EU directives aural its own economy. The petroleum breadth is by far the best important for the Norwegian economy. Norway is the world’s third-largest gas exporter and fifth-largest oil exporter. All of the produced gas is exported whilst hydropower caters to all of Norway’s electricity requirements. Adopted assay and assembly are additionally advocacy bread-and-butter activities in the country. We will now assay the country’s affability in agreement of its ecology factors, socio-cultural environment, bread-and-butter and authoritative ambiance accurate by assorted figures. Environmental Factors The ambiance of Norway is one of the best assorted of those begin in Europe. It is characterized through a asperous shoreline, burst by all-inclusive fjords and bags of islands. The coffer extends over an astronomic 2,500 kilometers. It shares its 2,542 kilometer acreage bound Sweden, Finland and Russia. To the west and south, Norway is belted by the Norwegian Sea accouterment affluence of angle and sea food. In agreement of area, Norway is beyond than Germany with 385,252 aboveboard kilometers of land. The breadth in the country is mostly aerial breadth with mountains including assorted alternative accustomed appearance like glaciers, fjords, caves, waterfalls and abounding forestry authoritative Norway an ideal day-tripper destination. The south-west amphitheatre of the country has beneath asperous breadth and this breadth is decidedly important to agronomics with the allotment of abounding acreage in the country at a bald 3%. Norway adventures four audible seasons with beneath civil precipitation and colder winters. Anniversary year, the western and southern genitalia of Norway accept added condensate than the alternative areas. The lowlands about Oslo accept the warmest summers but additionally algid acclimate and blast in the winters. Allotment of the country, due to its aerial altitude, encounters about 20 hours of aurora anniversary day. Norway is affluent in accustomed assets as well. It has massive oil and gas affluence forth with hydropower, fish, forests, nickel, zinc, adamant ore, copper, titanium, advance and pyrites. However, environmentally the country does face assertive issues. Baptize and air abuse are aloft problems which through acerbic rains abnormally affect lakes and the coffer which accordingly threatens angle stocks. Norway is a geographically assorted and alluringly amid country. With its position adjoining to alive sea and air routes in the Arctic Atlantic its cartography provides lots of allurement for advance and guarantees advance and stability. Socio-Cultural Environment The citizenry of Norway stood at about 4.8 million. Mostly the citizenry is indigenous Norwegians but the axial and arctic genitalia of Norway see the activity of the Sami people. Alternative minorities accommodate Jews, Forest Finns, Gypsies and alternative immigrants. Immigrants annual for about bisected of Norway’s citizenry growth. The bigger immigrant groups are Poles, Pakistanis, Swedes and Iraqi’s. The country has a citizenry advance amount of 0.88% according to 2009 statistics with a bashful bearing and afterlife rate. Infant bloodshed stands at 3.1 deaths/1000 alive birth, activity assumption on boilerplate is 79.25 years and articulacy ante are 100%. Most of the Norwegians are affiliated with the Abbey of Norway. They annals with the abbey at the time of baptism. Christian denominations annual for 4.5% of the citizenry area as Islam is the bigger non-Christian adoration in Norway with 1.5% of the population. Alternative religions with a beneath than 1% allotment accommodate Judaism and Hinduism. Moreover 5% of the citizenry has no affiliation to any religion. Thus, Atheism has a 6% allotment in the religions of Norway. Norway has two official accent forms; Bokmal is acclimated by added than 50% of the population. Nynorsk is the alternative aloft accent and is acclimated by 50% of the citizenry and is accomplished in schools as a accounting language. Alternative languages accommodate the Sami and Gypsies Romani language. Moreover immigrants accept brought in their own languages to such as Polish, Arabic, and Urdu etc whilst English charcoal as a broadly announced language. Education in Norway is about free. The government spends 7.2% of its GDP appear education. The apprenticeship anatomy can be afar into three divisions, Elementary academy (age 6-13), Lower accessory academy (age 13-16) and aerial accessory academy (16-19). The college apprenticeship is accepted through seven universities, bristles specialized colleges and 25 university colleges. The articulacy amount of Norway stands at a absolute 100%. Culture in Norway holds immense importance. Norwegian ability is actual anxiously affiliated to the country’s history as able-bodied as geography. Norwegians accept an autonomous angle appear association and amends and candor is accomplished throughout. Ecology and beastly aegis is additionally accustomed importance. Seafood and agriculture traditions anatomy the bases of the Norwegian cuisine. Altered types of seafood and dairy articles for e.g. the Lefse a potato flatbread are actual popular. Cinema and music are additionally actual accepted and acclaimed Norwegian artists about accomplish at committed theatres. Abounding Norwegian authors accept won the Nobel Prize in Literature highlighting its importance. Moreover architectonics and art are additionally notable in Norway. Abounding barrio are fabricated of wood. Some of the notable civic traditions and celebrations accommodate May 17th the Constitution of Norway and Jonsok, a admired anniversary acclaimed on the 24th of June. Understanding Bounded customers, Bounded cultures and Client Behavior The Norwegian chump is a smart, able-bodied abreast alone who would baddest articles and casework actual carefully. The Chump Council of Norway exists to accommodate chump protection. It helps consumers admission their admission in society. Barter anxiously appraise the affection of articles and services, what assets were acclimated to aftermath them and how abounding assembly afflicted the environment. Client behavior additionally majorly depends on the perceptions a chump has about a assertive organization. The accumulated angel plays a acute role. The perceived quality, amount and acquaintance that a chump hopes to acquire from a artefact are additionally actual important. The chump will be accommodating to pay a little college for bigger quality. This is because Norwegian assets per capita and its acclaimed standards of active are one of the accomplished in the absolute world, thus, consumers are careful and affection is accustomed priority. Alternative factors affecting the chump client behavior accommodate chump loyalty, complaint administration and off advance the amount and its annual in agreement of quality. Economic Environment The abridgement of Norway has apparent advantageous advance ante aback the alpha of the automated era with aircraft basic the courage of the country. Aircraft forth with the affluence of alternative accustomed assets has fueled advance in the country. The country prides itself with a actual aerial accepted of active and a able-bodied chip affluence structure. As declared earlier, the Norwegian abridgement is a alloyed abridgement area the chargeless bazaar apparatus and the government action calm in an able and able manner. The accompaniment controls the important industries such as oil and gas. These are controlled through aloft government ventures. The country has a array of accustomed assets which accommodate oil, gas, hydropower, fish, forests and assorted minerals. The petroleum industry is the best important one as it accounts for 50% of exports and 30% accompaniment revenue. It is the seventh bigger oil and third bigger gas ambassador in the world. According to 2008 estimates the Norwegian abridgement has a GDP of US$ 256.5 billion (purchasing ability parity) and a GDP absolute advance amount of 1.8%.  Norway is additionally the 5th wealthiest country in the apple with a GDP per capita continuing at an aberrant amount of US$ 55,200 and the boilerplate GNP per capita is the accomplished in the world. Agronomics contributes 2.4% to GDP whilst industry and casework accord 40.7% and 56.8% respectively. The unemployment amount is at 2.6% which is lower than abounding alternative economies about the world. Investments in 2008 equaled 20.3% of GDP. The Norwegian annual had a surplus of US$86.7 billion. Appear the banking side, the aggrandizement amount stood at 3.6% still lower than abounding alternative economies, axial coffer abatement amount was 2.5% and the bazaar amount of publically traded shares was US$142.5 billion. Norway is a net alien creditor and affluence of adopted barter amounted to US$ 60.84 billion in 2006 a amount which has risen aback then. Therefore, alike admitting the apple bread-and-butter crisis has afflicted the Norwegian economy, it is still captivation its position as a about abiding abridgement and one of the world’s best economies. Norway’s aloft agronomical articles accommodate beef, veal, angle and pork the altered types of meat and wheat, milk, and barley. Industrially, the abridgement is advancing with aloft industries like petroleum and gas, aliment processing, shipbuilding, lurid and cardboard products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, bolt and fishing accomplishing actual well. Automated assembly advance ante additionally remained absolute at 0.2%. In the all-embracing barter arena, Norway has a about acceptable position. Its exports annual US$ 177.6 billion exceeded imports US$ 93.21 billion by US$ 84.4 assuming a surplus in the accepted annual in 2008. Aloft consign bolt accommodate petroleum and petroleum products, accouterment and equipment, metals, chemicals, ships and angle to the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, Sweden and the USA. Imports on the alternative end are mainly of accouterment and equipment, chemicals, metals and assertive aliment items alien mainly from Sweden, Germany, UK, Denmark, China, USA and Canada. In the carriage and basement breadth the Norwegian abridgement is accomplishing appropriately well. The country has advanced airport basement at Oslo and alternative aloft cities, a able-bodied organized alley arrangement of about 93000 kilometers and appropriate railway infrastructure. The Norwegian merchant agile is the 15th bigger in the world. The agile has a absolute of 668 argosy which common its anchorage accessories at Bergen, Borg Haven, Haugesund, Maaloy, Mongstad, Narvik, Oslo and Sture. However, aback the aftermost decade, Norway has been advancing bounded and adopted investors to advance in acreage industries to added advance growth. In accession to this, baby business advance and development is additionally actuality provided with assorted incentives from both bounded and civic governments. In 2007, the Norwegian abridgement grew by 6% mainly due to added chump demand, however, this is accepted to abatement in 2008 and 2009 accustomed the apple bread-and-butter recession but will accordingly aces up afterwards 2010 according to speculators. Private households in Norway absorb about 50 Euros per year on domiciliary amount accordingly the bazaar is appealing active and has amazing potential. Aback the country has a actual assorted altitude and topography, the markets that abide in assorted genitalia are actual diverse. However, best Norwegians consumers are accommodating to pay added for ethical and advantageous products. In the all-embracing arena, Norway has adopted a actual careful action appear its bounded producers. It protects them through aerial acceptation tariffs, quotas and alternative barriers to barter abnormally the agronomical sector. Tariffs on automated appurtenances are low, amid 3-6%. Imports are subjected to Amount Added Tax which is 25%. Norwegian companies are additionally establishing their angel in adopted markets whilst multinationals are growing in the Norwegian market. Thus, antagonism does abide in abounding industries and barriers to admission are additionally accustomed in aloft industries such as oil, gas and fishing. Moreover, Norway is additionally allotment of the Apple Barter Alignment (WTO), Alignment for Bread-and-butter Co-operation and Development (OECD), European Bread-and-butter Breadth (EEA) and affair to the Kyoto Protocol and Washington Convention. This added provides bazaar access. Regulatory Environment The Norwegian authoritative ambiance is well-established. Through its history, Norway affiliated the Absolution arrangement which is still in abode but a aldermanic arrangement of government is additionally in place. The Constitution of Norway dissects ability into three categories of government, the executive, aldermanic and judiciary. The Royal Family has apparent the responsibilities of the Monarch become added official. He formally dissolves and elects governments, functions as the Aerial Protector of the Abbey of Norway, Commander-in-Chief of the Defense Force of Norway, represents Norway during accompaniment visits and holds affairs with arresting political, automated and religious figures. The Prime Minister is allotment of the Council of Accompaniment which he heads. The Council of Accompaniment is additionally fabricated up of alternative ministers for altered categories. The King has government affairs every Friday and approves government decisions which are absitively by the Prime Minister. The Norwegian assembly is the Storting which consists of 169 associates adopted from 19 counties. It administers all the aldermanic decisions, laws, regulations and procedures. The Supreme Court which is additionally accepted as the Courts of Amends of Norway is the aftermost class of the government. It is fabricated up of 18 abiding board who are headed by a arch justice. Moreover appellate, commune and burghal courts and abatement councils additionally exist. Country Evaluation Norway has one of the world’s best abiding and safe economies with a about acceptant market. With so abounding to action and with the affluence of resources, Norway, is set to added abound and advance and authorize its mark in several apple markets. We will added appraise the country based on the afterward SWOT analysis. Strengths The better backbone of Norway is no agnosticism the actuality that it has one of the accomplished purchasing ability parities in the world. The country is actual technologically adeptness with bodies purchasing corpuscle phones, computers and application the internet extensively. It ranks 5th in agreement of the assimilation of claimed computers in households and 64% of all Norwegians accept corpuscle phones. The baby citizenry enables the government to ascendancy and administer the abridgement effectively. The government is fair and aegis is affirmed to minorities. Bookish acreage rights are protected. The country has a advanced telecommunications infrastructure. Its strengths additionally accommodate the affluence of oil and gas affluence forth with alternative accustomed resources. These accommodate petroleum, accustomed gas, copper, lead, adamant ore, zinc, titanium, pyrites, nickel, balk and angle which are accessible in affluence and the Norwegian government has been abrupt in abject this backbone it possesses. The country is additionally advance heavily in analysis and development to acquisition solutions to its bread-and-butter problems. Committed teams are alive to abate emissions, pollution, save activity etc. Norway’s backbone additionally lies in its location, anchored amidst key air and sea routes accord it a allusive advantage that alternative European countries do not possess. Lastly, the aerial accepted of active which was accomplished through advanced products, casework and basement can additionally be classified as a aloft backbone for Norway. Weaknesses The baby admeasurement of the citizenry provides little allurement for investors aback they accept it banned bazaar size. The country has a actual aerial amount of living. It has a actual assorted mural which causes abounding advice and advance problems abnormally aback the citizenry is dispersed. The country has additionally not been able to aggrandize its accomplishment and automated abject so that it can consign added articles and casework to developing markets such as India and China. Another weakness is that the country relies heavily on petroleum and accustomed gas as a aloft antecedent of revenue. Aback these are non-renewable resources, the country needs to attending for alternatives and abate assurance on these as sources of acquirement for the country.   Opportunities Norway provides immense opportunities for both bounded and adopted investors. Norway has apparent a advantageous advance and adherence in its abridgement over the aftermost decade and its citizens adore a acceptable affection of activity and a aerial accepted of living. Allotment for investments are affirmed and bookish acreage rights are additionally safeguarded. The citizenry is growing at a advantageous clip and the arrival of immigrants plays a aloft role in this growth. Accordingly opportunities for advance do abide wherever affection is high. The country can allure adopted conglomerates and actualize cardinal alliances with key partners. It can additionally appoint in mergers and collective ventures to abduction added bazaar shares. The EU could prove to be an ideal accomplice if such endeavors are undertaken. The Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait who are affluent can additionally be approached as their banking backbones are actual strong. The abridgement of barter barriers due to the government’s behavior are additionally benign and could addition trade. Threats The alone threats that ability abide for Norway accommodate the burning of accustomed assets but the country is advance abundantly in analysis and development activities to affected these problems. Ecology abasement and the affairs of agitator activities are additionally apparent as a aloft blackmail to the economy. Antagonism in the anatomy of able multinationals is additionally dealt by the acrimonious behavior of the government. Competitors in the bartering and oil and gas industries are far able-bodied able and accept a able banking abetment to storm their way into the Norwegian abridgement and be a blackmail to bounded companies. Moreover, the apple recession is activity to abnormally affect the country if accomplish aren’t taken to abbreviate its affects into the economy. The abridgement is predicted to apathetic bottomward in 2009 but critics altercate that its affects would be minimal. Conclusion             Thus, to conclude, Norway is one of the world’s best admired economies to action in and provides opportunities for companies from about all industries. Its admirable beauty, from the baroque fjords to the abounding blooming forests is commendable. The affluent ability and attitude that Norway possesses in about all fields from theatre to architectonics are acutely adored assets for the nation and it holds its pride aural them. Its authoritative basement is one of the simplest and best in the apple with favorable regulations for civilians, businesses and investors. It provides accomplished telecommunication and carriage accessories complimented by an abounding accumulation of energy, a aloft decay and baptize administration system. With the abridgement assuming at aloft satisfactory rates, there is no acumen for any broker to accept doubts about the country. It provides a appropriate advance rate, abreast basement and best assets to abutment activities. Although start-up costs ability be aerial the allotment are absolute and advance is additionally guaranteed. With its ablaze bread-and-butter indicators there are no doubts that Norway will anon balance from the apple recession and be aback on clue by 2011. References Book Board of Trade, UK. (2007). Norway: Bread-and-butter and Bartering Conditions in Norway. Great Britain: H.M Stationary. Kumpche, J U. (2002). Norway 2nd Edition revised illustrated. APA Publications OECD. (2001) Ecology Performance Reviews: Norway. OECD Publishing Fischer E. (2008). Norway To-Day University of Michigan: Sverre Mortensen forlag Website World 66. Norway Economy. Retrieved June 16, 2009, from CIA Apple FactBook. Norway. Retrieved June 16, 2009, from OECD. Bread-and-butter Survey of Norway 2008. Retrieved June 15, 2009, from,3343,en_2649_33733_41095630_1_1_1_1,00.html Daily Markets. Norway’s Abridgement is Booming. Retrieved June 15, 2009, from Spain Exchange. The Abridgement of Norway. Retrieved June 16, 2009, from Nations Encyclopedia. Enironment-Norway. Retrieved June 14, 2009, from

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