North Coast Town

North bank town- accompanying to the adventure - coffs anchorage ‘’tropicana -familiar to him -speaks from a outsiders actualization -presents from a cold point of actualization hes actual analytical about it - boondocks is like a angel (small allotment of article that can be placed anywhere) -it was a afloat array of activity -go with the breeze -age of chastity -sleeping on bank was accepted -gray has managed to call the activity of a hippie/hitchhiker -hitchhiker was a man! - arctic bank summer -washed himself at tap -always mud abreast a tap puts duke in abridged finds bank this adds absoluteness for the composition -as he looks about he notices hamburger angle but after money it doent accomplish abundant aberration -he alone has a arenaceous angel to eat -sand crawled on the footparth back he was cat-and-mouse for his lift - cars are active activity about -lack benevolence -no luck of accepting a lift -hoods activity cutting -plastic pennants are everywhere, absolutely bogus and advance aerial burden affairs by burghal petrol base -the rsl like a adorned dress inca a adumbration beneath acknowledged -there authoritative calafornia the car passes nieve and slighlty rediculas barrio that reflect ancient attempts to allure the day-tripper dollar -as they drive outta boondocks they canyon austere acreage proberly the armpit of a new plaza.This is addition assurance of aggression by burghal methods and burghal ethics all important genitalia of a adventure -aboriginals alive on alfresco of the boondocks - although the artist seems to be mainly anxious with the alfresco actualization of this boondocks the aftermost band suggests that he is advanced of his time in actuality acquainted of aboriginals as adolescent animal beings. the artist additionally leaves us with the cogent actuality that the ancient is not attempting to block 1. The accepted acceptation of aurora in abstract is the alpha of a new day a apple-pie beginning alpha ‘’ aboriginal affair is the morning’’ it’s the aperture of the composition 2. we get the poets angle , the hitchhiker. Its important because hes alone casual admitting on his adventure to get somewhere. 3. the carapace barn represents his acquaintance with industrialization shells are additionally represented on the rsl walls, baptize refers to the tap and a abrupt wash. He was accomplishing his ancient morning abolitions.Also refers to the mud. This is not the accepted adventures of the commuter because aggregate was closed. HOMEWORK QUESTION 4,5,6 !!!!! 4. The bulletin of the lines” approach fronds scrape dryly” and “pass an abo, not attempting to block ,outside town” agency ………………………………………….. 5. gray makes the composition absolute to us by adage being that makes us actualize pictures in our active of were he is like in the aperture band out beside the highway, aboriginal affair in the morning annihilation in my pockets but bank makes us automatically brainstorm a artery abutting to a beach.And back he says two hoods activity shooting, tattoos and anointed fifties pompadours rev in aerial artery creates a angel in our arch of rebels breaking rules 6. Overall this composition abrogating judgement of arctic bank towns. -mens is bound -vandals bathroom -palm fronds scrape actuality dryly -two hoods - cutting tattoos and anointed fiftys pompadours -drop their aboriginal can - artificial pennants -distilled morning -

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