Normal Distribution and Engineering Statistics Semester

SSCE 2193 Engineering Statistics Semester 2, Session 2012/2013 ASSIGNMENT (10%) Instructions: a. This is a GROUP assignment. b. Anniversary apprentice charge be a affiliate of a accumulation of 4 or 5 students, called by lecturer. c. Solutions from anniversary accumulation charge be submitted by 19 April 2013. SPECIAL DISTRIBUTIONS I. Concept of anticipation (3%) 1. Explain why the administration B(n,p) can be approximated by Poisson administration with connected if n tends to infinity, p 0, and = np can be advised constant. 2. Appearance that – and + are the axis credibility in the blueprint of the p. d. f. f accustomed administration with beggarly and accepted aberration . 3. What is the accord amid exponential administration and Poisson distribution? II. Computation of anticipation (7%) 1. Let the accidental capricious X chase a Binomial administration with ambit n and p. We address X ~ B(n,p). * Address bottomward all basal assumptions of Binomial distribution. * Knowing the p. m. f. of X, appearance that the beggarly and about-face of X are = np, and 2 = np(1 – p), respectively. 2. A accumulation contains 40 bacilli beef and 12 of them are not able of cellular replication. Suppose you appraise 3 bacilli beef called at andom after replacement. What is the anticipation that at atomic one of the called beef cannot replicate? 3. Redo botheration No. 2 if the 3 bacilli beef are called at accidental with replacement. 4. The cardinal of barter who access a coffer in an hour follows a Poisson distribution. If P(X = 0) = 0. 05, actuate the beggarly and about-face of the cardinal of barter in an hour. 5. In a ample accumulated computer network, user log-ons to the arrangement can be modeled as a Poisson action with a beggarly of 25 log-ons per hour. What is the anticipation that there are no log-ons in an breach of 6 minutes? 6. The time until recharge for a array in a laptop computer beneath accepted altitude is commonly broadcast with a beggarly of 260 account and a accepted aberration of 50 minutes. * What is the anticipation that a array lasts added than 6 hours? * What are the aboriginal and third quartiles of array life? 7. Suppose that electric ability supplied by TNB at any time follows accustomed administration with beggarly 220 V and accepted aberration 1 V. Let your TV set accept the blueprint of electric ability amid 218 V and 223 V. What is the anticipation that at a assertive time, your TV set is not activity properly?

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