Normal Changes in Pregnancy

  Create a paper, ability point, or Prezi presentation to authenticate your ability of this week's acquirements objectives. Your presentation should awning the afterward affair fully, and be accurately cited in APA format. Minimum 1 - 2 folio cardboard or 10 accelerate presentation, not including your awning sheet/ accelerate and advertence page/ slide. You are approached by a acquaintance and her 16 year old babe who aloof begin out she is pregnant. The acquaintance and her babe appetite to apperceive what to apprehend during the pregnancy. Outline for this mother and babe what to apprehend during anniversary of the trimesters                                                 Rubric APA architecture is consistently done and correct.   All advice is referenced throughout the anatomy of the presentation. A   minimum of 3 accordant assets are used, and are cited correctly. Spelling   and grammar are actual throughout the anatomy of the presentation.   Discussion of the physiological changes the woman may apprehend during   pregnancy during anniversary trimester. (Not fetal development)   Discusses the above discomforts of abundance   and nursing measures to   reduce the discomforts   Discusses what to apprehend at doctor visits,   how generally will she go, and what ability she apprehend at the visits.   Discuss how abundant weight accretion is adapted   during pregnancy.   Discuss a minimum of three bounded assets that the adolescent   woman may admission for added advice and assistance. What do these   resources offer? Examples accommodate bounded abundance affliction centers that action   support for low assets mothers, accompaniment resources, and federal resources.   Discuss how the placenta functions to   deliver nutrients and abolish decay products.  

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