Nordsee – the Different Fast Food Restaurant

The Altered Fast- Aliment Restaurant (Case Study for Business Course) [pic] MK 300 Michaela Ouzka F03 B April 27, 2005 Summarizing the Facts: As Slovakia becomes an chip European country, it is added complex in globalization. As a result, abounding adopted citizens, Slovak business people, and professionals appear abnormally to Bratislava for advance or for another affidavit and obviously, as they absorb added time in town, there is a college appeal for acceptable affection restaurants.Nordsee is a non- acceptable fast aliment restaurant; it offers affection sea aliment with self- service. Moreover, a allotment of the restaurant is a snack-bar for the busier bodies or for acceptance and there additionally exists a sea-food abundance with aerial and beginning sea specialties for the added ambitious customers. Nordsee is a German aggregation which was accustomed in 1896. Originally, it was a baby close that consisted of 7 beef boats and was fishing all kinds of sea-food in adjustment to advertise it in its own abundance as beginning as possible. Nowadays, this aggregation is Europe’s No. sea-food restaurant with aliment all over Germany (364 restaurants accumulated with snack-bars and stores), Austria and Switzerland due to its 100 years of know-how, its technology, and its outstanding artefact quality. State the Problem/ Opportunity: Another fast-food chains accept already entered the Slovak bazaar and did actual well, as for instance McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. However, Nordsee differs a lot from these acceptable high-sugar, high-fat burgers and low-carb pizzas. Its commons are actual healthy, tasty, and alike acceptable for vegetarians.It these days, added and added bodies affliction about their weight and their lifestyle, and Nordsee can absolutely advice to abate the people’s weight and to break in shape. The capital dishes in the restaurant are for instance salmon, shrimps, and abounding altered kinds of sea-fishes, squid or lobster for adorable prices accumulated with salads, potatoes or soups and sauces. Slovakia represents a acceptable befalling for Nordsee to aggrandize to Eastern Europe. It provides low labor-cost and a still rather accessible market.The ambition bazaar would be acceptance (snack-bar), labor, professionals or business bodies (self-service restaurant), and the gourmets (store). The apparently bigger botheration would be the about aerial prices for the top-quality sea aliment and the antagonism from another already absolute fast aliment restaurants. Analyze the Causes of the Problems: • Botheration No. 1: About Aerial Prices of the Articles This is absolutely accurate if we are speaking about top-quality lobster or salmon. But there are additionally other, cheaper articles in the self-service abundance or in the snack-bar, as a allotment of a restaurant. As you can see there is a advanced ambit of abounding altered articles and accordingly of abounding appraisement levels from bargain to affordable, but of top quality. An boilerplate apricot sandwich with bloom and a appetizing herb-sauce would apparently amount aloof as abundant as a high-fat McRoyal. Which one would you chose? • Botheration No. 2: Antagonism Acutely there are already fast-food restaurants or baguetterias, but they action about no array and they are incomparable with a Nordsee restaurant, as you sit bottomward in a nice atmosphere and you eat the dishes with knife and fork, and not with your bald hands.You can additionally accept a appropriate fish-soup or a bloom with shrimps if you chose to. It is a self-service restaurant; therefore, it wouldn’t booty added than 15 account to eat a abounding meal. It would be absolutely avant-garde and that is why there would be no absolute antagonism in that sense. Of advance it would be all-important to accessible such a abundance in some arcade centermost or in the burghal centermost of Bratislava area there are abounding abeyant barter located. Another Solutions: 1.Nordsee opens its own abundance in Bratislava and if it approves, another aliment can be opened in Banska Bystrica or Kosice. Strenghts: Over 100 years of know-how, technology, accomplished artefact affection Weaknesses: It is a German aggregation and it does not absolutely apperceive how to accomplish in Eastern Europe (lack of ability and experience) Opportunities: Number 1 self-service restaurant with sea-food in Slovakia Threats: Competition, too aerial prices for Slovak bazaar 2. FranchisingStrenghts: Low adventurousness for Nordsee, another Slovak entrepreneurs advance their money and accept bigger ability of their calm bazaar Weaknesses: Nordsee has to accommodate them with their technology, their ability and artefact bartering Opportunities: Nordsee receives acquittal from Slovak entrepreneurs and after abundant adventurousness it can become arch fast-food restaurant Threats: Entrepreneurs can break profitless, Nordsee Aggregation may accept accordingly damaged reputation, it can no added aggrandize auspiciously on its own to another Eastern European countries . Slovak entrepreneurs accessible a agnate abundance with another cast name on their own Strenghts: They do not accept to pay Nordsee for franchising; they do not accept to obey the standards and orders from Nordsee (independence) Weaknesses: They ability not accept the appropriate accessories and ability Opportunities: Aperture a agnate abundance but with a altered artefact band and accordingly a different, eventually lower appraisement Threats: Antagonism from other, already absolute fast-food chains, which are added organized and already accomplished Recommended SolutionFranchising would apparently be the best acceptable best in adjustment to auspiciously aggrandize to Slovakia. It would be assured to go to Nordsee headquarter in Germany to accept a acceding with the acceptable bodies to ask for a authorization to administer their articles and to accept their technology for the alertness of their food. After their agreement, it is all-important to pay for this authorization and for the accessories for the stores, as they are connected and are accordingly about identical in every location. This would be alleged “niche-marketing”, as there is no another sea-food self-service restaurant in Slovakia yet.Justification and Evaluation: Franchising would be the best able choice, as I accept formed out the 4 P’s (marketing mix): • Product: Sea-food (fish specialties, shrimps, soups, salads, etc. ) • Price: In a agnate ambit as already absolute fast-food restaurants in Slovakia (e. g. McDonald’s) • Promotion: Advertising through TV-spots (depending on the admeasurement of the advance budget), billboards, flyers, chargeless samples in the aliment aural the aboriginal anniversary of the opening, newspapers, magazines, fettle centers, etc. Place: Bratislava’s burghal center, arcade malls, etc. (eventually Banska Bystrica and Kosice) To sum up, Nordsee has an astronomic abeyant in Eastern Europe, abnormally Slovakia through franchising. It is axiomatic that it would absolutely do absolutely able-bodied beneath such altitude abnormally in Bratislava. There are still no, or aloof actual few, acceptable restaurants with high-quality aliment area you can eat aural a few minutes. There would additionally be appropriate offerings for baby accouchement with an aberrant bowl with a little toy (such as the “Happy Meal” in McDonald’s stores).As you can see, the abeyant bazaar is wide-spread and I am absolute that Nordsee would absolutely be a acceptable another to all the fat pizzas and burgers that we all account absorb with apathy to our health.

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