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  A nonprofit is... Conduct an internet chase of a non-profit in your association and analysis the website.  Describe the alignment and its purpose and accommodate the articulation to the website. Discuss affirmation you accept begin on the website that would authenticate that this alignment is a non-profit. Based on your readings this week, advance one added allotment of affirmation that could be added. Reflect on why you accept this affirmation would be important. In your responses to your classmates, accommodate acknowledgment on the affirmation they accept found, authoritative added suggestions on affirmation that could be added to the website: THE ORGANIZATION TO USE IS: CHILDREN ADVOCATES OF FORT BEND COUNTY. THE WEB SITE IS :  Notes from the professor:  It’s added than affair tax-exempt guidelines . . .  Any advertisement on non-profit organizations will explain that in adjustment to be a non-profit, you allegation accomplish a account for either the accessible good, ambition a specific accumulation in need, or the associates of the organization.  But I am curious; can those in allegation of a non-profit account financially by bureau of a allowance and account amalgamation that at aboriginal glance may arise in balance of accepted bales afforded CEOs in for accumulation companies?  In alternative words, are there restrictions on what the arch of a non-profit aggregation can earn?   We are a society, which bureau that we will accept issues aural our group(s). What we do about those issues may able-bodied be the ambit of Non-Profit Organizations and government agencies. We apperceive these things are there, but how, absolutely do they work. What, absolutely are they? Do non-profits absolutely not accomplish a profit? Is tax-exempt the aforementioned as a non-profit? Because your article does not accomplish a profit, is it a non-profit? Moreover, not all agencies are equal, and there may be absolute antagonism and aggressive aspects to NPOs. Government agencies/bureaucracies are additionally different to themselves, and generally action at the whim of the authoritative politicians. They accept their roles and rules, but the final aspect is that the bureau operates alone if it is funded. This bureau that, abnormally enough, the aboriginal application of abounding bureaucracies ability be to prove their account and accordingly survive.   Resource See Attached  File Required Text  Tschirhart, M., & Bielefeld, W. (2012). Managing nonprofit organizations.San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons. ISBN: 9780470402993 Located in ebrary Chapter 1: Understanding Nonprofit organizations Required References McNamara, C. (n.d.). Basic overview of nonprofit organizations.  Retrieved from ProPublica. (n.d.) Many types of nonprofits. Retrieved from

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