Nommo and the Bible

Nommo and the Bible A Comparison and Contrast of the Appearance Names in The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingslover writes a book entitled, The Poisonwood Bible that analyze the furnishings one ability has on another. The four daughters; Rachel, Leah, Adah, and Attrition May, at bearing are accustomed names acceptable and applicable to their personalities, as able-bodied as new Kikongo names which call the girls’ attitudes appear the bodies in the Congo. A arch of the Congolese acceptance system, suggests that the girls accept developed into their names, causing their specific blazon of bodies interaction. The earlier babe of the four is Rachel Price. In the Bible, the being alleged Rachel is declared as added admirable than her sister Leah (Genesis Ch. 29-35). In the Poisonwood Bible, Rachel Price is the best ambrosial than the alternative three siblings. Rachel’s Kikongo name is Mvula, which refers to a anemic white termite that alone comes out afterwards it rains. Aback home, Rachel was admirable and her anemic bark was desirable. Now, Tata Ndu (chief of the village) capital to ally Rachel because her bark is animal to the Congolese women causing his wives to feel bigger about themselves. Rachel Price did not appetite to be about the Congolese people, and backward central her abode snuggled up with her own vanity. Leah and Adah Price are twins and the average accouchement of the ancestors in the Poisonwood Bible. Leah, in the Bible, was tricked into marrying the man Rachel admired by their angry ancestor (Genesis 29: 21-28). In both instances, Rachel and Leah were bamboozled by their ancestor causing them to become clumsy of accepting a accurate sisterly band with one another. In Kikongo, Leah is alleged Leba, acceptation “fig tree” (148). The Congolese do Leah a favor by not calling her Leah, because the Kikongo adaptation for Leah agency “nothing much” (148). Anatole has appropriate names for all the girls and he calls Leah "beene-beene" which agency "the truest truth" (396). It is bright he has account for Leah. “Benduka” is Adah Price’s Kikongo name; it agency “crooked walker”. Adah Price was built-in with the use of alone one ancillary of her anatomy causing a abiding limp. In the Bible, Adah is a accessory appearance that could be the wife of two men (Genesis 4:19). In the book, Adah goes aback in alternating amid her two “men” or beliefs; she either believes in science, or God. Adah is additionally disregarded back the blaze all-overs attacked their village; her own mother acquainted her abaft (306). Orleanna did not favor Adah, causing her to be a “minor” affiliate in the family. The youngest and best innocent of the Price accouchement is Attrition May. She is accustomed the name of Bandu in the kikongo language, acceptation “the acumen for everything” and “the littlest one on the bottom. ” Orleanna (the mother) ethics Attrition May the best of her four children. All of Orleanna’s narratives are meant for Attrition May. In the Bible, Attrition is a appearance who helped soldiers back they bare it, she was a friend. The adaptation of the chat Attrition in Hebrew agency “companion” (“Origin and Acceptation of Baby Names"). The chat attrition in English, beggarly grief; for Orleanna, she acquainted abundant affliction back Attrition May died. An absolute book of the Bible describes Ruth, and an absolute appearance dedicates what she says to Attrition May. The Kikongo chat "nommo" is "the force that makes things alive as what they are" (209); it is "a song, a poem, a scream, a prayer, a name"(210). It refers to the acceptance that allotment article gives it its attributes - a man is a man because that is what he is named, admitting a aerial is not a man because that is not what he is named. Nommo says you do not accept a activity until you are named; your name makes you who you are. Would Rachel Price be beneath arrogant and admirable if her name were not Rachel Rebekkah? Nommo says, yes, she would be a altered person. Kingslover’s access to anecdotic the characters in The Poisonwood Bible, maintains the focus on who anniversary being is and who they are meant to be. The names accord us hints as to what anniversary person’s personality will be. Also, the names can allude to biblical references that advice ascertain what the character’s relationships with others are. Nommo and their bearing names accumulated abundantly call anniversary babe and their actions.

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