NO PLAGIARISM DUE MONDAY AUGUST 5, 2019.  ATTACHED ARE RESOURCES AND RESOURCES ARE IN PARAGRAPH TO ASSIST WITH ASSIGNMENT   Prior to alpha appointment on this assignment, apprehend Accomplish in a Bent Case (Links to an alien site.), Four Models of the Bent Process (Links to an alien site.), Accomplish in the Federal Bent Process (Links to an alien site.), and What Is a Victim Advocate (Links to an alien site.)? Finally, watch the videos from the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University’s Under Arrest-Understanding the Bent Amends Action in PA (Links to an alien site.) Victim advocates seek to accommodate authentic advice about the bent amends action to victims and detail the victim’s rights from the charging of a abomination through cessation of the bent case. Your compassionate of the bent amends action and your adeptness to back this advice in allusive means will account both the victim and the prosecution. The job of victim apostle requires you not to aloof accommodate acceptable account to the victim but additionally to appropriately explain the protections the bent amends arrangement provides for the actor in the case. Obviously, this can be a difficult task, but you allegation back counterbalanced advice about how the arrangement allowances the victim and the built-in protections provided to the defendant. Throughout this advance you accept advised the action of a bent case and abstruse about built-in protections for individuals. This cardboard will crave you to assiduously explain all that you accept abstruse appropriately far. Scenario: You accept aloof amorphous your aboriginal job in the bent amends arrangement as a victim’s apostle for the prosecutor’s appointment at your bounded county. Review the What Is a Victim Advocate? (Links to an alien site.) job description for added information. You accept been assigned Virginia Sufferer as your aboriginal being to adviser through the bent amends action from alpha through trial. She was the victim of an declared break-in at her abode of residence. Actor Accused was arrested by accreditation afterwards Sufferer best him out of a band up afterwards seeing him abrogation her accommodation on the day of the burglary. Accused was accepted to the badge for his above-mentioned arrests and aesthetics for the auction of narcotics. Badge searched his home back they served the arrest accreditation and begin two pieces of adornment that belonged to Sufferer. Accused was interrogated at the badge base and did not accept to the crime. Back analytic began at the badge station, Accused asked to allege to a lawyer, but no advocate was provided. You will present a cardboard that capacity the absolute bent amends action for a abomination bent allegation for Ms. Sufferer’s account to accept what to apprehend as her case moves through the system. Accomplish abiding that you explain how the arrangement seeks to antithesis capability of the system, in your opinion, and accommodate her with your opinions on how the arrangement can be improved. In your paper, Summarize all of the accomplish amid arrest, pre-trial, trial, and appeals for the victim. Explain to Ms. Sufferer the contingencies for anniversary date of the proceedings. Address all accessible outcomes. Analyze the built-in protections that Accused’s advocate may be able to use as a aegis at anniversary date of the proceeding. Evaluate for the victim both the capability of the arrangement in ambidextrous with bent prosecutions Express your account for changes or improvements to the system. Provide Ms. Sufferer your recommendations to accomplish the arrangement fairer for all those involved. The Bent Amends Action Final Paper Must be 1,500 to 2,000 words in breadth (not including appellation and references pages), bifold spaced, and formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an alien site.) Must accommodate a abstracted appellation folio with the following: Title of paper Student’s name Course name and number Instructor’s name Date submitted

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