Nike Swot Analysis

Nike Inc SWOT Analysis 3/14/2009 Mathew Martin What started with a handshake amid two alive geeks in Oregon in January 1964 are now the world's best aggressive sports and Fettle Company. Bill Bowerman the allegorical University of Oregon clue ;field drillmaster and Phil Knights a University of Oregon agent beneath Bowerman coach, begin the Nike Company, called by the Greek alive goddess of victory. Aboriginal the aggregation was called Blue Ribbon Sports. The Nike able-bodied apparatus began as a baby distributing accouterments amid in the block of Phil Knight's car. (2009,Nike history) From the adamantine beginning, Knight's abstraction grew to become the shoe and able-bodied aggregation that would appear to ascertain abounding aspects of accepted culture. Bill Bowerman's chase for lighter, added abiding antagonism shoes for his Oregon runners, and Knight's chase for a way to accomplish a alive after accepting to accord up his adulation of athletics, the dream was founded beneath one account “if you accept a body, you are an athlete.”  Nike is now the world's arch designer, banker and benefactor of able-bodied footwear, apparel, accessories and accessories for a ambit of sports and fettle activities. Nike owns accessories in Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina and The Netherlands, and operates busy accessories for Niketown and NikeWomen retail stores, over 200 Nike branch stores. The aggregation operates in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. It is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon and employs about 30,200 people. The aggregation recorded revenues of $16,325.9 actor during the budgetary year concluded May 2007, an access of 9.2% over 2006. The operating accumulation of the aggregation was $2,131.8 actor during budgetary year 2007, an access of 1.1% over 2006. The net accumulation was $1,491.5 actor in budgetary year 2007, an access of 7.1% over 2006. (2009, Nike) Strengths             Nike does not tie up banknote in barrio or accomplishment workers because it does not own factories. This makes it a actual able organization. Nike is able at analysis and development, as one can see from its avant-garde artefact range. Their accomplishment aesthetics is to aftermath as aerial a affection artefact as accessible at the everyman accessible price. If prices acceleration and the articles can be fabricated added cheaply abroad after sacrificing quality, Nike will move production. They are a alive alignment in that way. Because they don't own barrio they can up and change accomplishment operations.             Nike is a actual aggressive organization. Phil Knight has been quoted adage that 'Business is war after bullets.' At the Atlanta Olympics, Reebok went to the bulk of allotment the games. Nike did not. However Nike sponsored the top athletes and acquired admired coverage.(2009,Olympics)             Nike is a cast acclimatized about the world.  It is the cardinal one sports cast in the world. The Nike 'Swoosh' is acclimatized everywhere and Phil Knight has the 'Swoosh' tattooed on his ankle. Weaknesses             The aggregation has a all-inclusive and assorted ambit of products, but still relies mostly on cossack for sales. This leaves the aggregation accessible to a accident if the bazaar changes or accession to footwear.             The aggregation does accept its own retail store, but it mainly sells to retailers. The retailers are all-inclusive from the bigger retail food to the lower wholesalers, so there is a crisis on the bulk for their cossack because the food try to accord the aforementioned acquaintance to the consumers. This additionally makes it adamantine to acquaint the aberration amid stores. Nike Authoritative Opportunities             There are abounding opportunities in accession for sports accoutrement from new age exercise accouterment to a way to authority a mp3 amateur while jogging and again aggregate in between. Artefact about-face is consistently an opportunity, with new technology and added balance they should be able to advance alike added into R ; D.             There is an befalling for extensive out to a all-around bazaar because of the abundant cast recognition. Added and added countries are accepting complex with what acclimated to be mainly accepted as American sports, and the acceptable affair for Nike is that they accept a abundant befalling to access their all-around attendance with the amplification of American football and basketball globally, two sports in which they dominate.  I feel that the added these two sports abound the greater appulse Nike will accept globally.  With their business and analysis and development capacity I accept that Nike will become the baton in sports accoutrement globally aural 20 years.             Another abundant befalling is business to changeable consumers, as there is a acceleration in changeable accord in sports abnormally academy and professional. It additionally blaze the drive for women to exercise or be added able-bodied if there are added articles ill-fitted to women. Nike Authoritative Threats             Some accessible threats are the annealed antagonism both internationally and domestically. Companies such as  Reebok, Adidas and Puma amid others accept abundantly added their articles affection and acquaintance to topple Nike can be apparent through the bulk of money they are accommodating to bandy at athletes to endorse their products.  Reebok now has the official rights to all NFL accessories and apparel, and NBA amateur Damon Jones afresh became the aboriginal basketball amateur to assurance a shoe accord with a Japanese company.(Reebok Touchdown)  Nike has approved to action this by allotment schools, accepted as "Nike schools", in which there are abounding able athletes abnormally in the sports of football and basketball. Now some top athletes will alone go to schools sponsored by Nike.             Falling US economy, recession and war are absolutely threats because if bodies apart their jobs they can’t buy shoes abnormally pricy ones.             Nike is apparent to the all-embracing attributes of trade. It buys and sells in altered currencies and so costs and margins are not abiding over continued periods of time. Such an acknowledgment could beggarly that Nike may be accomplishment and/or affairs at a loss. Some countries due to the aerial acknowledgment on advance in abstruse ventures are abnormality abroad from shoe accomplishment and into added assisting ventures. This is an affair that faces all all-around brands.             Nike, Inc. issued its additional accumulated albatross abode highlighting the Nike brand's  priorities, programs, advance and challenges apropos to workers in arrangement factories; advisers and diversity; the environment; and affiliation investment. In addition, the aggregation became the aboriginal in its industry to voluntarily acknowledge the names and locations of the added than 700 alive arrangement factories that currently accomplish Nike-branded articles worldwide. Nike said it believes abounding acknowledgment of its arrangement branch abject bearing Nike-branded artefact ultimately will accommodate greater afterimage into aggregate suppliers and added able monitoring. It additionally supports the company's abiding action of architecture aggregate buying of acquiescence anon with arrangement factories. Since 1999, Nike has appear its arrangement branch abject bearing Nike-branded articles to the Fair Labor Association. In 2000, Nike became the aboriginal aggregation to acknowledge about online the names of its suppliers authoritative academy and university accountant products. In the 569 all-embracing M-Audits conducted by Nike and the 50 absolute Fair Labor Affiliation audits conducted in Nike-branded arrangement factories, four contravention issues were articular as advancing challenges, both in Nike's arrangement branch abject and above the footwear, accoutrement and accessories industries: hours of work, abandon of association, accomplishment and harassment. In the future, Nike will focus assets adjoin both centralized affiliation and multi-stakeholder collaborations to abode these challenges. Regarding hours of work, Nike has created an centralized taskforce to appraise the absolute business aeon to analyze opportunities to advance acquiescence with its Code of Conduct.( Nike Responsibility) In 1998, Nike's balance and sales advance slowed. Administration faced new antagonism from Adidas. This case asks acceptance to analysis the assorted strategies (including about-face into sports equipment) pursued by Nike to alleviate accumulated growth. Teaching Purpose: To altercate how to abode a flattening advance ambit in a association acclimatized to aerial explores Bob Woodell's administration as Nike's aboriginal COO. Describes development of Woodell's administration style, his attempts to advance the organization, and his responses to abrupt business problems. Changing bazaar forces, new competitors, a accession of low-end inventory, and the absence of Phil Knight, the company's founder, in circadian operations, makes this a difficult time for Nike. Adjoin the accomplishments of black banking after-effects and an accessible shareholders' meeting, acceptance are asked to appraise Woodell's performance, whether administration is absolutely in ascendancy of the alignment and the company's business, and what role Knight should be arena in the organization.                                                                                                     After abiding to the CEO/COO job, Phil Knight makes changes to Nike's strategy, organization, and administration amid 1983 and 1987 aimed at authoritative Nike added acknowledging to the bazaar place. He takes cost-cutting measures, and abstracts with several administration and authoritative changes. After abundant affray aural the company, Knight ends up with a amalgam matrix, a new accumulation of managers, and a new strategy. In new days, the Board, which is adopted by shareholders, is the ultimate controlling anatomy of the Company, except with account to those affairs aloof to the shareholders. The Board represents the owners' absorption in the operation of the business, including optimizing abiding banking returns. It elects the accumulated admiral absolute the chief administration team, who are amenable for the conduct of the Company's business. The Board acts as an adviser to and oversees the chief administration team, and ultimately monitors its performance. The Board has the albatross to ensure that in acceptable times, as able-bodied as difficult times, administration is abundantly active its duties. (Citizen Nike, I accept that the approaching angle for this industry is good, already the country has had an befalling to balance from the Iraqi war; the industry will alone accept a adventitious to grow. With connected advance of the hip-hop culture, and songs such as Nelly's (rap artist), "Air force Ones (Nike cast of sneaker)," the industry can alone apprehend added advance in the accidental consumers of footwear.  This industry has a solid artefact for which there aren't any adequate substitutes; bodies will consistently charge sneakers unless article bigger that does the walking for us comes along. I anticipate that this is still a growing industry, because new advances in shoe technology and able-bodied abrasion are fabricated everyday. Also, with the arrival of accouterment designers into the able-bodied shoe market, the industry cannot be mature. No one aggregation aural the industry has absolutely lived up to its accurate abeyant yet. For example, Nike has a actual ample percent of the bazaar and they themselves are still growing.  Nike is a actual able aggregation with accretion profits, able all-embracing presence, and new administration the aggregation has all the assets all-important to abound far above the competitors. Nike is acquainted of their problems and they accept been demography antidotal measures as aboriginal as the backward 90's. I apperceive that Nike has what it takes to advance its position and alike ascendancy added of the market. References: Reebok Touchdown With NFL Deal. Retrieved on 3/18/2009 from Nike Inc (2009)Nike Responsibility. Retrieved on 3/19/2009 from Levenson, Eugenia(2008)Citizen Nike. Retrieved on 3/19/2009 from Nike Inc (2009) Aggregation overview. Retrieved 3/12/2009 from:    Nike Inc (2009) Nike facts. Retrieved 3/12/2009 from: International Olympic Committee(2009) Atlanta Olympics 1996. Retrieved 3/13/2009 from:  

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