Nike and King Consumer

Popular culture, indeed, has consistently captivated athletes in aerial esteem, dating aback to the canicule of the age-old Greeks and the aboriginal Olympiad events, bags of years ago.  However, in contempo decades, accomplished athletes in sports which had in the accomplished been relegated to the high class, such as tennis, are now accepted by the masses of all socioeconomic levels.  A case in point is the Russian tennis abnormality Maria Sharapova.  Admittedly, she is an accomplished tennis player, but there are endless alternative accomplished tennis players who accept not gotten alike a atom of the media absorption as has Sharapova. Taking a afterpiece attending at this pop ability frenzy, the admiration that has been showered aloft Sharapova and abounding alternative athletes comes bottomward to how our ability has afflicted announcement (USA Today); added specifically, one can acutely altercate that Sharapova and others affective their better allotment of acclaim already they began to commercially advance articles such as Nike cast accouterment and shoes, assuming the ability of announcement to focus the adulation of the masses on addition based on an angel apparent in commercials, as able-bodied as the agency that ability has afflicted artefact brands. The Acceleration of Consumerism As was alluded to in the addition of this paper, the accepted denominator in the acceleration of athletes to god-like cachet in society, and the advance of companies like Nike into multi billion dollar business machines, can all be attributed to the masses, arch to bookish studies of consumers in such abundance that agreement like consumerism accept been coined to analyze the assay of the behavior and ability of the customer to behest how the business apple ultimately operates, what it offers to the public, and how the approaching of customer appurtenances will unfold. Experts in the abstraction of consumerism accept attributed the acceleration of consumerism itself to the all-around advance of what can best be declared as actual desire; in alternative words, the bread-and-butter abandon that abounding genitalia of the apple accept been apparent to for the aboriginal time over the aftermost division aeon or so has bred a new bearing of consumers, who accept the admiration to acquire customer appurtenances and assuredly accept the banking agency to buy them (Sussman).  Especially adorable are the “brand name” appurtenances which consumers appearance as a attribute of affluence; the Nike “swoosh” symbol, for instance, is article that bodies accede a assurance of success aback it appears on their shoes or clothing. This, in itself, speaks volumes about the admeasurement of consumerism with the use of a simple, yet cogent example.  Because of the availability of adopted made, bargain accouterment and shoes, it would accomplish faculty that if one alone capital to accumulate balmy or assure their feet, they would buy the atomic expensive, yet anatomic commodity they could obtain; however, added generally than not, consumers will pay abundant added than they accept to for accouterment items because of the appearance of a Nike attribute or any of a account of others which accept accepted appeal.  In candor to Nike and others, they do accomplish articles of acceptable affection and functionality, but additionally in fairness, one can acquisition appurtenances of similar, or alike above affection at lower prices, “sans swoosh” if you will.  The difference, already again, is the ability of consumerism to behest what one should abrasion on their bodies to be advised aces in society. Catering to King Consumer When attractive at the role of the consumer, it can adequately be said that we are absolutely attractive at “king” or “queen”, as business efforts target, and finer reach, both genders.  In the case of Nike, the chaste in actuality speaks volumes; for example, the ahead mentioned Maria Sharapova is presented by Nike as “just a tennis player” (Nike-United States).  In this case, what is not said absolutely screams out to the consumer.  The association on the allotment of Nike is clear- their articles authority the abeyant to accompany out greatness, or to amuse the accomplished needs of the best accomplished athletes like Sharapova.  This speaks volumes not alone about the ability of advertising, but additionally a bit about our culture. Culture’s Access on Advertising The absolute customer additionally wields a abundant accord of access in agreement of how companies like Nike acquaint their products.  Going aback to an archetype agnate to the one in the antecedent section, Nike, in advance assorted millions of dollars in advertising, could acquirement absolutely actually a ton of announcement year-round, but will absorb the aforementioned bulk for one quick television advertisement during the Super Bowl. The acumen why is that the customer dictates that for Nike and others, Super Bowl announcement is a command performance, abundant like appearance at a ancestors banquet affair to advance accord with one’s siblings.  This is apocalyptic of both the ability of the customer to absolute business strategy, and the ability of the media to actualize able companies absolutely actually brief in some cases (Kellner).  In the words of our old accompany at Nike, consumerism and ability are angry calm as such: “In a bartering ability that blends celebrity, product, and image, it is alone accustomed that the sports shoe transnational Nike - as able-bodied as abounding alternative corporations - would acquirement  star ability to advance its products. Accordingly, I altercate that the Nike affiliation calls absorption to the admeasurement to which media ability is transforming sports into a comedy that sells the values, products, celebrities, and institutions of the media and customer society” (Kellner, p. 64) . Culture is additionally a able additive in the consumerism mix; aback one takes a attending at the styles of accouterment and shoes that Nike offers, as able-bodied as their advertising, it is bright that burghal ability is a able influence, arch to acreage kids in Iowa, for example, cutting Nike gear, alike admitting the abutting they may accept anytime appear to burghal activity is seeing graffiti on a tractor bivouac rolling through their town, on the way to about else.  The point to be fabricated is that accepted ability is a active force in business today. Conclusion In an image-obsessed association such as ours, actual appurtenances can, and do, actualize legendary, beyond than activity individuals, who in about-face advertise billions of dollars in products, and the aeon continues.  As a conclusion, conceivably the old adage is the best: “consumer is king”! Works Cited Kellner, Douglas. Media Spectacle. New York: Routledge, 2003. (Nike-United States   2007)Nike-United States. 2007. Nike, Inc.. 5 Mar. 2007 <>. Sussman, Charlotte. "Consumerism in Apple History: The All-around Transformation of Desire." The Historian 66.1 (2004): 211+. "Tennis Royalty Crowned by Prince." USA Today (Society for the Advancement of Education) Nov. 2005: 78+.  

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