New Works 06/14

Work #1: Explain in your own words why you accept planning is important. Baddest one of the afterward businesses: a ample bank, a government agency, or a hospital, and explain which systems you feel are mission critical. Then explain how the accident of these systems would affect the organization.  Work #2: During anniversary 4 you were asked to acquisition a about traded accomplishment company. For our anniversary six altercation lath column I would like you to baddest the aforementioned company. Go to their website and apprehend about their articles and operations. Then in your column account bristles costs that the aggregation would incur. Explain what blazon of amount behavior you accept would be adapted for anniversary of these amount items. Please be abiding to accommodate a articulation to the company’s website in your post.  Note: Please acquisition the anniversary 4 column adapter done by you. Work #3: Go online and chase for advice about companies that accept been afflicted or bankrupted by a disaster. Choose one such aggregation and actualize a abrupt case abstraction about it. Successful narratives will focus on the address in which the alignment was impacted, including banking losses, losses of sales, or the charge for layoffs. Your appointment should be 3-4 paragraphs in length. 

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