New Supervisor Training on Performance Evaluations

Assignment 2: New Supervisor Training on Achievement Evaluations Now that the position has been created, you’ve taken the befalling to actualize a PowerPoint presentation to alternation new admiral on how to conduct achievement evaluations. Whether you use an anniversary evaluation, real-time feedback, or annual evaluations, it is important that new admiral understand: •the account for a achievement appraisal in general, •the account for the specific one in use, •the apparatus used, and, •the action for the evaluation. The PowerPoint presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides with cartoon and Notes Pages. NOTE: THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT IS ATTACHED TO COMPLETE THIS ONE! NOTE: One of the positions the new admiral will be administering achievement evaluations on is the job in your description from Week 3. Find artistic means to absorb your appointment from that appointment into this one. Your appointment charge chase these formatting requirements: •You charge accommodate the Notes Pages. This is area you explain in detail the thoughts you appetite to back in anniversary slide, alone in added depth. •Visually appealing: cartoon (required) should be adapted for the ambiance and audience. Text should be arresting from 18 anxiety abroad (generally advised 18 pt. chantry or larger).

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