New Position Creation: Legal Issues

   Part 1: Abstraction Map Identify      a new position you will actualize and agents for a mid-size company. You will      use this new position throughout advance assignments and DQs. Use      the "Task Analysis" media allotment to admission the abstraction map      generator. Use the abstraction map architect to actualize a basal abstraction map of      the new position you will actualize and staff. Write      a abrupt (250 -300 words) job description for the job based on the abstraction      map. Include this description beneath the abstraction map on the aboriginal document. Part      2: Legality Paper Write      a cardboard (750-1,000 words) that analyzes the legalities of creating and      staffing the new position for which you developed the abstraction map in the      above step. Include the afterward in the analysis: Describe      the acknowledged considerations surrounding the conception of the job description      for the position. How does it abode the issues of candor and      discrimination policies? Describe      the acknowledged considerations surrounding the advantage offered, and a      statement anecdotic accurately and ethically adequate strategies for acknowledgment      against abeyant acknowledged claims surrounding the bushing of the position.

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