Networking Trends (Long) Paper

  Networking Trends Paper:  In this paper, you will analysis and address on arrangement architecture and administration trends over the aftermost three years (present year bare 2) in the areas of virtualization, security, hardware, arrangement administration tools, software authentic networking, and wireless.   Choose, at least, three areas and explain the accepted trend and trends aural two subsets of the breadth (i.e., aegis has subsets of physical, perimeter, monitoring) over the aftermost three years.  Use at atomic one amount from Google Trends assuming a trend discussed in your paper.  Support your advice and accomplish abiding all advice sources are appropriately cited. The cardboard charge use APA 6th ed., 7th press formatting and accommodate a appellation page, 5 to 7 pages of content,and a minimum of four peer-reviewed references Your appointment will be graded based on the rubric, which can be beheld back beat on the appointment acquiescence articulation above. Assignment Resource(s): Google Trends - This website presents accepted Google trends. Networking Trends: World According To Google Duration: (24:42) User: n/a - Added: 5/21/14 What is Google Trends? This video discussed Google trends on contempo advances in networking Data Center Networking, Arrangement Virtualization, Cloud Computing, SDN Big Data., etc.

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