Internet Research Appointment #1: Cybercrimes Ransomware attacks on the United States, accompaniment and bounded governments back 2013 and are accretion at an alarming rate. Research ransomware attacks on three federal or accompaniment jurisdictions, with one of them actuality the City of Baltimore. For this assignment, you are to call ransomware, what appulse did these attacks accept on the three jurisdictions in agreement of bulk and absent revenue, did these municipalities pay the bribe bulk accepted or did they try and balance from the advance after advantageous the ransom. If so, how abundant did the abstracts accretion bulk the municipality, and lastly, what would you do if you were the governor or ambassador of this ransomware attack…pay or not pay. This cardboard should be at atomic three pages long, bifold spaced, with your name, date, and appellation included as a header, folio calculation in the footer in the anatomy of folio x of y, and accept references cited per APA formatting guidelines. You charge use a minimum of bristles references and none of them can be Wikipedia. No PLAGIARISM

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