Negotiation Strategy Analysis

The aboriginal commodity is retrieved from Bloomberg. com "Saudi Oil Tanker Owners in Negotiations with Pirates" area the Saudi Arabian supertanker hijacked off the bank of Somalia. The supertanker belongs to Saudi Arabia's state-owned aircraft line, Vela All-embracing Marine Ltd. The acceding is amid the pirates that accept captured the Sirius Star and the owners of the Saudi Arabian supertanker. The pirates accept the advantage in the acceding because they accept the 25 aggregation with altered nationalities as hostage, and the tanker accustomed added than 2 actor barrels of awkward oil account $110 million. Saudi Arabia is absurd because an armed acknowledgment because it may endanger the crew, and would crave a abundant accord of all-embracing acceding and cooperation. The address is accustomed Liberian flag, endemic by a Saudi company, in Somali waters, with so abounding nationalities onboard. The owners accept to pay bribe money for the safe commitment of the supertanker. The hijackers can absolutely force the owners into advantageous ample bribe money (Alexander, & Krause, November 19, 2008). The additional commodity is retrieved from the Eagle Tribune: "Fate of Detroit's Big 3 will crawl bottomward locally", area the CEO's of the big three automakers, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler accept affiliated to antechamber Congress for a 25 billion loan. The acceding is amid the big three automaker companies and the government. The arguments is if their companies goes under, and one of them declared bankruptcy, an estimates of as aerial as 2. 5 actor U. S jobs losses and added than 730,000 workers will be unemployed. This is a burden tactic activated to force the government to accord the $25 billion accommodation (Kirk, November 26, 2008). The two acceding accessories call a acceding bearings that employs altered acceding strategies. The aboriginal article, the pirates uses distributive acceding action which is characterized by apprehension and suspicion, advised to exhausted the alternative affair (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2006). The pirates accept the advantage over the buyer by alarming or aggressive to eradicate the aggregation and the supertanker. While on the alternative hand, the three car automakers and the government uses commutual acceding action which is characterized by artlessness and trust, advised to accomplish the best accessible band-aid for all parties absorb (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2006). The US government cannot be affected to accommodate a accommodation to the three auto companies, the alone accessible way to actuate them of giving $25 billion dollars to the three automakers is the achievability of accident of millions of jobs and the access of unemployment in the accident the automakers goes beneath or declared bankruptcy. The allegory amid the two situations is both acceding disputes are acclimated to access the alternative affair to allotment with money. The aboriginal book is the owners of the supertanker, and the US government on the additional scenario. In both scenarios, the angle taken by the negotiators is "pay or otherwise". Each bearings involved, terms, adverse offers, and demands placed by the parties from which the acquittal is claimed.

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