Negotiation & Relationship Management

   The Facts  Peel Factor is the arch bake-apple abstract provider in the country. The aggregation is ancestors endemic and has been headed by brothers, Ted and Kiki, aback the abortive casual of their ancestor a few years ago. Kiki is the face of the action and acts as the Executive Director of Peel Factor, assimilation in all the acclamation for how able-bodied the aggregation has performed. Ted is the reliable right-hand man who, until recently, anxiously executes his duties as one of the directors. Unbeknownst to Kiki, Ted has consistently acquainted that he can do a bigger job than his brother in arch the company, if accustomed the adventitious to do so.  Secretly, Ted has been approached by a aptitude advance assassin by Fresh Inc., who is Peel Factor’s absolute competitor. Ted is absorbed by Fresh Inc.’s action to arch their aggregation and is tempted by the abeyant to accomplish acceptance for his business faculty and authoritative ability. He gives his in-principle acceding to Fresh Inc. to acquire their offer. Out of affectionate love, he decides to acquaint Kiki aboriginal afore signing the application arrangement proper.  Unfortunately for Ted, a bounded account anchorman gets wind of the advised arrangement and releases the account via the country’s arch amusing media app. Kiki is affronted by this perceived “betrayal” and goes to allocution to Ted, acquisitive to appear to an acceding on the way forward.  However, already he gets to the office, Kiki loses it and castigates Ted, calling him “a wastrel and a abasement to the family.” Ted tries to avoid Kiki and refuses to allege to him initially. Kiki again goes on to acquaint Ted that he “is the acumen why ancestor anesthetized on early,” because Ted “is such a disappointment.” Kiki additionally says that Ted is “lousy” and that is why he “failed” at his job, and that the aggregation would do abundant bigger afterwards him, alike admitting he has no affirmation for this statement.  Unable to authority it calm any longer, Ted yells that Kiki has “always been the besmirched favourite ancestors brat” and has alone got so far because he is “tied to mummy’s accessory strings.” Incensed at the situation, Kiki again proposes to buy aback Ted’s shares in the ancestors business for $0.04 per allotment alike admitting he knows that the bazaar amount is $0.20 per share. Ted shouts aback that Kiki has consistently been a “bully” aback Ted absent Kiki’s favourite blimp toy in their youth, alike admitting Ted knows this has annihilation to do with the accepted dispute.  Kiki and Ted again both affirmation that they will anniversary apprehend from their corresponding attorneys about this situation.  Inwardly, Kiki is devastated. He has consistently capital the ancestors business to do able-bodied and capital to accumulate his ancestors together. Afore their ancestor passed, Kiki promised to booty affliction of his brother and now the ancestors seems to be broken asunder. Heartbroken, Kiki wishes acutely to accumulate the affiance to his backward father. In fact, Kiki absolutely anticipation he was admonishment Ted to eventually booty over from him in the abreast future. Further, he is acutely anxious about accident his absolute audience as able-bodied as his staff, who until now accept been loyal to him. In particular, Kiki is anxious about his adept agents accident account for him.  On his end, Ted has never admired for this to happen. He had additionally promised his backward ancestor to accumulate the ancestors together, and not to abuse the ancestors or its business. He had consistently meant to appear home to Peel Factor afterwards accepting learnt abundant from Fresh Inc. Afterwards all, it was his dream to accept Peel Factor do alike bigger than it has adapted now. However, Ted feels that he needs to access acquaintance with Fresh Inc. in adjustment to be a aboveboard businessman. He loves his brother dearly and hopes that their accord can abide admitting his career path. Ted feels that authoritative the move to Fresh Inc. can accretion him the account of not aloof his aeon but additionally that of Kiki. Also, Kiki charcoal Ted’s idol for demography the ancestors business as far as he has but Ted still wishes to prove that he is a bigger baton than Kiki eventually.  Question 1  List and analyse the interests of the parties in the case above:  (a) Kiki; and (b) Ted (10 marks) (10 marks)  Question 2  Demonstrate and altercate the abrogating agreement approach acclimated by Kiki and Ted.  (30 marks)  Question 3  Develop and administer the adapted antitoxin to anniversary of the abrogating agreement approach articular in Question 2. (For example, for XXX tactic, the antitoxin is YYY etc)  (50 marks) 

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