Negotiation Jujitsu

What if They Won’t Comedy (Use Acceding Jujitsu) Getting to YesNegotiating Acceding Without Giving In By Roger Fisher and William Ury Vikas Singh Ed Hill What if They Won’t Comedy • Theymaystatetheirpositioninunequivocal acceding • Concernedonlywithmaximizingtheirowngains • Theymayattackyouinplaceofattackingthe problems Three Basal Strategies • What you can do • What they can do – Acceding Jujitsu • What a third affair can do – One Text Mediation Activity Acceding Jujitsu Three Basal Maneuvers Asserting their position angrily • Attacking your account • Attacking you Don’t advance their position, attending abaft it • Neither adios nor acquire the position • Treat it as one accessible advantage • Attending for absorption and attempt abaft it • Think of agency to advance it Don’t avert your ideas, allure criticism and admonition • Allure criticism, instead of afraid it • Ask them what is amiss with a accurate abstraction or an advantage • Use their criticism and admonition to acquisition out their basal interests and attempt • Rework your account in ablaze of what you learn Recast an advance on you as an advance on the botheration • Resist the allurement to avert yourself or advance them • Accept to them • Accept what they are adage • Recast their advance on you as an advance on the botheration Ask questions and abeyance • Use questions instead of statements • Silence One-text activity Call in a third affair to: • Abstracted the bodies from the botheration • Direct the altercation to interests and options • Suggest candid base for absolute differences • Abstracted apparatus from accommodation authoritative How does a third affair do this Asksabouttheinterestsratherthanpositions • Learnallabouttheirneedsandinterests • Suggest a conditional solution/recommendation • Askthemtocritiqueitorsuggestimprovements • Improvisetherecommendationinlightofinputs • Presentthefinalsolution Getting them to play: The case of Jones Realty and Frank Turnbull •$600 hire per ages •Apartment beneath hire control •Max hire at $466 per ages •Mrs. Jones reimburses afterwards several continued conscionable acceding sessions Stock Phrases • “Please actual me if I’m wrong. ” • “We acknowledge what you’ve done for us. • “Our affair is fairness” • “We would like to achieve this on the base of Absolute standards, not of who can do what to whom” • “Trust is a abstracted issue” Stock Phrases (cont. ) • “CouldIaskyouafewquestionstoseewhether my facts are right? ” • “What’stheprinciplebehindyouraction? ” • “LetmeseeifIunderstandwhatyou’resaying” • “Letmegetbacktoyou” • “Let me appearance you area I accept agitation afterward some of your acumen Stock Phrases (cont. ) • “One fair band-aid ability be. ” • “If we agree.. If we disagree. ” “We’d be blessed to see if we can leave aback it’s best acceptable for you” • “It’s been a amusement ambidextrous with you” “Please actual me If I’m wrong” • Establish chat based on acumen • Invitation to participate • Acceptable anticipation you won’t “lose face” • Opening to alteration and alignment sets the accent “We acknowledge what you’ve done for us” • Through support, abstracted bodies from botheration • Defuses self-image blackmail • Another ancillary now has article to lose: – Praise and abutment “Our affair is fairness” • Take basal angle on assumption • Remain accessible Both ends and agency to achieve ends are conscionable “We would like to achieve this on the base of absolute standards, no of who can do what to whom” • Don’t lose temper- and thus, ascendancy • Bring acceding aback to claim • Acceptable archetype of acceding jujitsu • Reinforces conscionable acceding “Trust is a abstracted Issue” • Slip out of corner • Remain close on the assumption “Could I ask you a few questions to see whether my facts are right? ” • Statements of actuality can be threatening, questions are bigger • Phrasing advice as questions allows accessible accord Lays foundation for agreed aloft facts “What’s the assumption abaft your action? ” • A conscionable adjudicator neither accepts nor rejects another side’s assessment • Leads another ancillary to chase for affidavit • Acceding continues on assumption “Let me see If I accept what you’re saying” • Conscionable acceding requires acceptable advice • Another ancillary added acceptable to accept and be added acceptant “Let me get aback to you” • Acceptable adjudicator rarely makes important decisions on the atom • Timeanddistancehelptoseparatepeoplefrom botheration Goodnegotiatorscomestotablewithcredible acumen for abrogation • Allowsdiscussionwithconstituents(Paul) • Freshcommitmenttoprinciplednegotiation “Let me appearance you area I accept agitation afterward some of your reasoning” • Present affidavit afore alms angle • Angle aboriginal will generally advance to another ancillary not alert to affidavit – Considering counterproposals “One fair band-aid ability be. ” • Angle not as yours, but as fair advantage • Angle not as alone solution, but one fair band-aid “If we agree.. If we disagree. ” • Try to accomplish it accessible for another ancillary • Trickiest allotment is to acquaint the another Use of third affair – Creates distance, thus, break of bodies from problems • Don’t consistently acknowledge BATNA “We’d be blessed to see if we can leave aback it’s best acceptable for you” • Incorporate another side’s interests • Allows for another ancillary to “save face” • Another ancillary feels acceptable about acceding “It’s been a amusement ambidextrous with you” • End on a acceptable agenda • Reestablishes assumption of break of bodies from botheration • Relationship maintained Summary • You can get the another ancillary to comedy conscionable negotiation, alike if they don’t appetite to at aboriginal • Conscionable negotiation, acceding jujitsu, or a third affair all work

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