Negotiating with Vladimir Putin

  Please acknowledge to the following:   Review the afterward Washington Column article “Phone taps, adeptness plays and sarcasm: What it’s like to accommodate with Vladimir Putin."   1.  If you can't get to the article, there is a pdf archetype in the apprentice files section. Imagine you are negotiating with Vladimir Putin. How would your claimed skills, ability, gender, and personality affect the negotiations? What would be an asset? What would be a hindrance? Provide references in accession to this commodity to abutment your position.   2.  Respond to the afterward column and acknowledgment this question. How would you adverse Putin’s agreement tactics?  When  dealing with Vladimir Putin a adjudicator should accept acceptable cerebral  skills.  These abilities should be aciculate and be able to reason, achieve faculty  of issues, break problems, ahead abstractly, apprentice fast, and break  focused on the goals.  An archetype of this is Angela Merkel the  Chancellor of Germany.  Angela Merkel agreement the issues  surrounding the Ukraine.  Chancellor Merkel grew up in East Germany and  understands the issues back ambidextrous with antipathetic countries.   Chancellor Merkel has accomplished cerebral abilities and she was a  scientist.  Her abilities acquiesce her to rationalize situations,  methodically assay situations, counterbalance risks, and alike ahead  reactions.  These abilities accustomed Chancellor Merkel to accommodate a  cease blaze in the Ukraine.  Chancellor Merkel has a accord with  Vladimir Putin that no on has, and has the best adventitious of befitting the  peace in the Ukraine. I would booty a distributive negotiating  approach.  This access can be acclimated because it is accepted in  Russia.  Negotiating with Russia is a booty alone situation.  Befitting  peace in mind, I would analyze the issues, angle close with the adapted  results.  Having added affairs to body repour with Putin and use my  abilities to negotiate. Finding things in accepted with Putin would serve  to accept the man and how he thinks, and what is his goals.  This  is the access that Chancellor Merkel acclimated to achieve her goals in  the Ukraine.    

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