Negligent Tort

  Visit the United States Customer Artefact Safety Commission (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site. website. Click on “Recalls.” Choose one artefact that has been recalled. Describe the artefact accountable to recall, including the anamnesis date, anamnesis number, and the acumen for the recall. Analyze whether the architect would be accountable for apathy if  the artefact had not been recalled and had acquired abuse to a consumer. Discusses the afterward in affiliation to the artefact recall: Duty of Care Standard of Care Breach of the Duty of Care Actual Causation Proximate Causation Actual Injury Defenses to Negligence Analyze and administer a accordant customer aegis statute articular  under “Consumer Protection” in Chapter 8 of your argument in affiliation  with the artefact anamnesis that you accept identified. Charge abode the affair  with analytical thought. Submit a three to fourpage cardboard (not including appellation and  reference pages). Your cardboard charge be formatted according to APA appearance as  outlined in the accustomed APA appearance adviser and charge adduce at atomic three  scholarly sources in accession to the textbook  Please apprehend the afterward capacity in: Business law for managers:    Chapter 6: Criminal Law Chapter 7: Intentional Torts Chapter 8: Negligence, Strict Liability, and Artefact Liability  Chinese Imports & Food Safety - PBS Newshour (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.- YouTube. (n.d.). YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Retrieved October 19, 2012, from   United States Customer Artefact Safety Commission (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.. ( 

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