Negative Images of African Americans in the Media

Mass media is a able force in American pop culture. Images apparent on billboards, television, magazines, and the big awning actualize abiding impressions. Sometimes these impressions accept a abrogating impact. Accumulation media can be actual adverse to association if it is not criticized. Many groups of Americans are abnormally afflicted by the images and agreeable of accumulation media. African Americans are at the top of this list. Images of African Americans in television, music, and blur are generally beneath than stellar. Black men are generally portrayed as biologic pushers, pimps, thugs, and asleep exhausted dads, while atramentous women are portrayed as poor, lazy, and promiscuous. This needs to stop! That is a given! Question is, how are these abrogating images activity to be stopped? Several accomplish should be taken in adjustment to anticipate these abrogating images in the media. The origins of these images charge to be examined, and avant-garde racism and ageism charge to be exposed. There may be some accurateness to the abrogating images of African Americans in the media, but that is no excuse. The media should focus added on adorning people. African Americans accept historically had a disadvantage back compared to their white counterparts. This should not be exploited for ball purposes. African Americans are generally placed in roles that portray them as ailing educated. This dates all the way to accompanist shows! This is still a botheration today! Americans are added adequate bedlam at blacks as appose to compassionate blacks. The capital botheration with images of African Americans is that they are one dimensional. African Americans are assorted and appear from a array of backgrounds. If an African American is portrayed as a addict or a convict, again there should be some acumen abaft this. Bodies don't become biologic addicts for the fun of it; they become biologic addicts because they appetite to aloof themselves from the affliction and adversity of their accustomed lives. Atramentous men and women don't become abyss because they are abhorrent people. They become abyss because they are accomplished that they accept no alternative option! African Americans accept to angle up for themselves and action adjoin the media. That is the alone way things will change. While accomplishing this, they may accept to criticize alternative African Americans. This should be done with love. Atramentous rappers, singers, and actors should be captivated with some responsibility. Atramentous leaders like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby accept announced out about this. Rappers, including Ludacris and 50 Cent accept been criticized for their lyrics. It is cryptic if they are rapping about their adventures in adjustment to betrayal their struggles, or if they are base the atramentous attempt with their lyrics. Violence, sexuality, and the abridgement of apprenticeship are abominably a allotment of African American society. The media should appearance this. Rappers and singers should accomplish songs about this. Atramentous actors should comedy roles that characterize this. Atramentous actors, singers, and rappers should not accomplishment these disadvantages. Instead they should use their ability to actualize solutions to these problems. Drugs and abandon should not be glamorized!

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