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Week 2 Autograph Appointment      Instructions     REMINDER: Please baddest one of the artefact or account offerings from this company - The Coca-Cola Company  Your focus will be on the domestic, or U.S. business of this artefact only.  If the artefact is additionally business in alternative countries you do not charge to affair yourself with the all-around operations.    You will use the aforementioned artefact or account as the accountable of anniversary of the four autograph assignments.       MRKT 310 Principles of Business  Week 2 Autograph Appointment  Part 1 - What is Strategic Marketing?   Learning Outcomes 1.Creating Amount for Customers:  Student can authenticate an compassionate of the abstraction of amount creation.  2.The Role of the Chump in the Company's Strategic Planning.  Student can appraise the company's charge to confined chump needs as apparent in a company's mission statement.   3.SWOT analysis:  Student can conduct a simple SWOT assay (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of a artefact or account alms and draw inferences from an assay of the results.  4.Competitive Analysis:  Student can conduct a simple aggressive assay based on belief important to the barter of the artefact or service.  Directions •Select your artefact or account alms from the account in the Autograph Appointment Altercation Forum. This account is additionally on the Syllabus. The aforementioned product/service will be acclimated in all of the autograph assignments. •Research your artefact or account alms through the Internet and UMUC’s basic library (your references will charge to be mostly bookish sources. See library casework if you do not apperceive what an bookish antecedent means).  Do not absolute yourself to analytic alone for the artefact or account name.  Look up the industry it is in ( is a adequate antecedent for this via the UMUC library) and chase on that industry as well.  Look up the absolute competitors.  Check industry journals and the barter press. Ask your family, friends, co-workers and others what they anticipate about the artefact and anniversary of the competitors.  You may appetite to appointment a banker to assay the articles on the shelves or appointment all of the websites.  Keep all your assay as you will charge it for approaching autograph assignments. •Prepare your appointment alpha with a appellation folio with your name and the name of your artefact or service.  Then acknowledgment anniversary of the afterward eight questions (four in allotment 1 and four in allotment 2) in adjustment and cardinal the alpha of your acknowledgment to anniversary question.  Although you do not charge to echo the question, anniversary area should accept a heading.  The cardboard should accommodate about 5+ pages of assay for the responses to the eight questions. 1.Creating Amount for Customers. Accede the barter you accept currently use your artefact or account and the analogue of business offered in the advance content.  As we activate our abstraction of marketing, what are your basic thoughts as to how you anticipate the aggregation creates amount for its barter based on the concepts in this week's readings?  2.Role of the Chump in the Company's Strategic Plan.  The readings announce that the best business begins with the chump and that charge to the chump begins with including the chump in the company's mission statement.  Find your company's mission statement.  Repeat it (or attach as an display if it is too long) and animadversion on its capability in demonstrating the company's charge to accepting a chump focus.  Could the mission account accept added focus on the customer?  How would you acclaim it be modified?  Is it accurate by amount statements or alternative affirmation of a chump focus?   3.SWOT analysis.  Identify at atomic one aspect of anniversary of the SWOT categories (a strength, a weakness, an opportunity, and a threat).  Explain your best application a commendation if needed.  Then assay attainable implications for anniversary of the four elements. Create a Table in which these elements are posted.  For example, if a backbone is a able civic cast name, the association is that the aggregation may be able to barrage alternative accompanying articles beneath the absolute awning of the aforementioned cast name.  Conversely, if a above weakness is the aggregation is accustomed a lot of debt, the association is that the aggregation not be able to accomplish cogent advance but may accept to accede curtailment strategies.   4.Competitive Analysis. Assay at atomic two above competitors or those two articles that are aggravating to advertise about identical articles to the aforementioned blazon of consumer.  Then, assay at atomic three belief that are important to those consumers back they are authoritative their accommodation as to which of the three aggressive offers to buy (e.g. price, specific benefit, service, warranty, convenience, the specific feature, etc.).  Make a little blueprint with the three belief forth the left-hand ancillary and the adversary articles (including your own product) beyond the top.  Rank anniversary of the articles on a calibration from 1= low to 5= aerial on anniversary performs on anniversary of the three criteria.  Add bottomward anniversary column.   Which artefact ranked accomplished all-embracing based on the sum of the columns.   Then, attending at the accomplished account in anniversary of the belief boxes.  Which articles ranked the accomplished on anniversary of the three criteria? Was it the aforementioned product, was it three altered products?  What do these after-effects acquaint you about the aggressive ambiance of your artefact category?  Which artefact is the leader?  Which artefact is the follower, challenger, and nicher if those categories apply?  Attach your blueprint as an exhibit.                        Part 2 - Chump Satisfaction, Loyalty,  Management and Empowerment  Learning Outcomes 1.Customer empowerment.  Student can assay how their called artefact or account alms use amusing networks to acquaint and empower barter to be allotment of the business process. 2.Customer satisfaction.  Student can assay how barter acquaint their achievement or annoyance with the called artefact or account offering.   3.Customer Accord Management.  Student can explain chump lifetime amount and how a chump accord administration affairs can accept a role in alluring and application best admired customers. 4.Customer privacy.  Student can assay the artefact or account offerings aloofness action and assay its capability in attention their customer’s information.  Directions •You may appetite to accretion a Best Admired Chump (MVC) of the artefact or account if you are not one yourself, or alternatively anticipate like an MVC.  What is the affirmation of an MVC of your artefact or service?  It isn't aloof that the chump consistently buys the artefact or service.  It agency that the chump is advised abnormally -- bigger -- than alternative customers.  It agency that the MVC represents about 20% of the company's revenues.   These are the barter with whom the aggregation consistently communicates, offers appropriate deals,  and alternative means as categorical in the argument and as you can accretion with aloof a little bit of googling on the internet.  •You may appetite to account the lifetime amount of a best admired customer.  See the altercation of the lifetime amount adding in the week's reading, and account the LTV application this simple equation:  LTV = (Price - amount to aftermath the product) * cardinal of anniversary purchases * cardinal of years accepted to acquirement - antecedent accretion costs.  For artlessness sake, you can accept your chump will accept a accord with you for ten years and you can accomplish an accomplished assumption as to how abundant the antecedent accretion costs were to get him as a chump in agreement of announcement or alternative types of advance efforts.   If you are not an MVC yourself, accomplish and allotment your assumptions about your calculation. If you are not an MVC, you adeptness appetite to accretion addition who is and ask them why they are loyal to the artefact or account and what they feel the aggregation does for them that is appropriate that they don't do for alternative customers.   •You may charge alarm or appointment a abundance to booty a attending at your artefact or account if the website does not accommodate you aggregate you charge to appraise the company's artefact or account aloofness policy.  Usually, the aloofness action is attainable on the website. •Answer the afterward four questions in adjustment and cardinal the alpha of your acknowledgment to anniversary question.  1.Customer Empowerment.    How does your artefact or account alms empower its barter as discussed in the advance readings this week?  In addition word, how are barter allotment of the business for the company? Assay the acknowledgment cartage they may use, abnormally amusing media. Do the amusing media efforts assume to be creating fizz marketing? If not, what could they do to accomplish added ‘buzz’?  2.Customer satisfaction.  How does your artefact or account alms acquaint means for barter to accurate their dissatisfaction? If possible, outline what remedies the artefact or account may be demography to ensure satisfaction.   3.Customer Accord Management.  Does it arise that your artefact has a chump accord administration strategy?  In alternative words, do they amusement the top bank of barter abnormally than alternative customers? If so, what is your evidence?  If not, should they accept a CRM strategy?  Or, are there acute affidavit why your artefact or account should amusement all barter the same?  Refer to advance agreeable concepts in your response.   4.Customer privacy.  Review your artefact or account offering's aloofness action (usually appear on its website). Assay whether you anticipate they do abundant to assure the customer’s aloofness or what accomplish you adeptness advance they booty to assure customer's privacy.  Refer to the aloofness behavior or the advice on warranties and guarantees.  The company's chump abutment folio adeptness additionally be useful. Do they broadcast a antidote should the customer's aloofness be breached?  Should they?  General Submission Requirements •Prepare as a word-processed certificate (such as Microsoft Word). Use a simple 12-point chantry such as Times New Roman. Use atramentous ink for the majority of your appointment and alone use colors if it enhances your adeptness to acquaint your thoughts.    • Your appointment should be the agnate of about bristles pages of double-spaced argument (although added are acceptable), about 1/2 folio for anniversary of the eight questions (four in Allotment 1 and four in Allotment 2).  You may attach exhibits that will not be counted appear the folio calculation of double-spaced text. The awning folio and References folio are not allotment of the accounting analysis.  • Be abiding your name, autograph appointment number, and the name of your artefact or account are on the awning folio of your autograph assignment.  • Include a References page, which includes references that explain the abstraction and references to the absolute product. •You should APA appearance for a cardboard which includes formatting for folio numbers, folio margins, etc. Added advice about application a appearance adviser can be begin in the UMUC's basic library attainable from your LEO classroom Agreeable "Learn to Use APA" or at     • Upload your chat candy certificate in your LEO assignments binder by the due date in the LEO calendar.

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