Need today! Read and answer the questions below. ALSO RESPOND TO A STUDENT

Pay absorption to what I am allurement for. You will apprehend the abstracts provided. Then acknowledgment the questions beneath in branch form.  200 words. After that I will abide the appointment and the alternative acceptance answers will populate. I will accept one of the acceptance and you will accept to acknowledgment to their acknowledgment in 100 words.  Here are the questions:   Why do you anticipate the accusations fabricated by Callender were abandoned during Jefferson’s lifetime and after by historians? Why do you anticipate Madison Hemings’ assertions were ignored? Why do you think Callender’s claims bootless to aching Jefferson politically? Do you anticipate a agnate aspersion would aching an American admiral or adopted baton today? Why or why not? Based Madison Hemings’ family history, how accepted was ancestral intermixing in 18th and 19th aeon Virginia? According to Eric Foner, how and why has the assignment of Annette Gordon-Reed fueled a altercation over the Hemings-Jefferson relationship? Should his accord with Sally Hemings influence how we appearance Jefferson and his abode in American history? If no, why not? If yes, how should they access how we appearance him?

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