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Directions:  Copy/Paste these Questions into a Word certificate (or artlessly actualize a certificate after the questions) in which you address a abounding branch in acknowledgment to anniversary of these analytical cerebration questions.  Hint: the added you appoint and write, the better.  Avoid brevity. We are practicing analytical cerebration and autograph abilities here. 1. In Before the Flood, we saw endless means that our burning is ruining the environment. What outcomes were best abominable to you? What solutions provided you with the best optimism for the future? 2. Every November, we accept a adventitious to accept assembly with our best interests in mind, whether that is locally or in Washington, D.C. If you were adopted to office, what accomplishments would you booty to ensure a acceptable approaching for approaching generations? 3. During the best contempo Presidential election, we voted not alone for a new baton of the alleged “Free World,” but an alone who apparently has the ability to set us on a new course. How is President Trump accomplishing in this regard? Do some analysis if necessary. 4. The agitation about altitude change has been labeled as a misinformation campaign. What arguments accept you heard on either ancillary of the agitation that accept been best impactful in creating your views? Accept any of these account been afflicted because of this film? 5. Are you optimistic or bleak about the approaching of our planet? Why? 6. The blur is abounding with able imagery, agitative statistics, and a countless of account of how to alive a greener lifestyle. What was best able and alarming to you? What will you acquaint your aeon about this film? 7. What socio-political issues or accurate facts do you appetite to apprentice added about with attention to the altitude crisis altruism is facing?

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