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 directions are included in the acknowledgment for what i need; I appetite it done on Hurricane Maria  Unit VII Case Abstraction Like abounding professionals, emergency managers accept difficult decisions to make. Much of the time, these decisions charge action actual timely, as an absolute association has accomplished a accessible state. To accomplish appropriate decisions, it helps to convenance cerebration like an emergency administrator and about the challenges they face. This appointment allows you to anticipate alarmingly about those challenges and to activate formulating means to affected them. Select a above adversity that has occurred aural the aftermost 10 years. You may use the accident you called in accomplished units or accept commodity new. However, you may not use the aforementioned disaster(s) that were acclimated as examples in the Assemblage VII Lesson. Assay at atomic two accessories from bookish and/or acclaimed account sources discussing and allegory the disaster. If you use the aforementioned adversity as you called from a accomplished unit, you charge assay at atomic one NEW/additional article. Please try to use at atomic one bookish commodity that is housed in the online library. In a two-page paper, allegorize means that emergency managers can finer plan advanced for the archetypal challenges that were addressed in this unit. Be abiding to accommodate anniversary of the afterward in your paper:  an assay of how at atomic two of the EM attempt that were accent in Assemblage I fit into this case abstraction (you may not reclaim the aforementioned examples you acclimated in your Assemblage I assignment), and  an assay of how emergency managers may charge to ad-lib back responding to this adversity to affected these archetypal challenges (communication, transportation, appropriate populations, politics, legalities, and almanac keeping). Please be abiding to accommodate abutment from the abstract back commutual this assignment, and use able APA appearance (title folio and advertence are required, but are not included in the appropriate folio count). 

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