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   Total assignment should be no best than 3 pages. Watch Citizen Kane 1. Scene: Breakfast with the aboriginal Mrs. Kane Link: Discuss the artful or academic elements such as lighting, sound, editing, and camera assignment in the scene.  2. Answer one accession catechism from the list: A. Altercate the artifice anatomy of Citizen Kane. Various critics accept compared its anatomy to a labyrinth, a prism and a abstruseness story. What is the anatomy of the artifice and how does the catastrophe fit this structure? Use an archetype to allegorize your point. B. Choose one of the relationships depicted in Citizen Kane and altercate how Orson Welles uses artful elements to acknowledge the relationship. Use several examples to allegorize your claim. C. Choose one burden in the blur and explain how it is developed throughout the film. Use several examples to explain the motif. 3. One affair we accept again for the absolute division is that changes in technology generally affect media aesthetics. Provide an archetype and explain how the change in technology afflicted media aesthetics.

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