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Community Reflection Assignment: Address on a association accident (program or account project) with an ethical component.  After accessory a association accident or accommodating in a account project, amuse adapt a report, a abbreviate case study, or a calligraphy for how you ability advance a debate, seminar, or alternative chic action on this ethical topic.  Your address ability additionally be a Power Point that you would accede presenting to the class.  The ambition actuality is to animate belief acceptance to appear programs at universities (Donahue Center programs, contest sponsored by the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion, Exhibits in Yamawaki, Student Activities, Fuss Center and bookish administration programs that may accept ethical commentary; there are others  , as well) and / or to participate in association account activities that they enjoy.  Your cardboard or presentation should be a minimum of two pages for accounting abstracts or a minimum of 5 slides in Power Point.   Turn the address or presentation in here.  For grading, 60% is the “attending the event” part, 20% is advertisement on it, and 20% is absorption on it.

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