Need short essays for each questions minimum of 150 words in APA format with citations and references

  Question I- Eddie Embezzler has formed for Betty Boss for abounding years as an accountant. During his employment, Eddie has taken bags of dollars from Betty’s business. As a result, Betty has suffered. Did Eddie breach a bent law, a civilian law, or both? Explain. Question II - Two (2) aerial baronial managers of Anrun Corp. apperceive that the company’s acquirement is rapidly declining. However, at a contempo actor meeting, they acquaint the shareholders to apprehend almanac profits in the abutting quarter. Explain the three Blanchard and Peale questions that these two managers should accept asked themselves afore the shareholders’ meeting. Question III - The appellate cloister decides that the balloon cloister committed capricious absurdity by including affirmation begin by law enforcement.  Law administration apparent this affirmation aback committing a Fourth Amendment violation, which should accept been afar at trial.  This exceptionable affirmation was the lynchpin of the prosecutor’s case, which resulted in a conviction.  Where does the case go from here? Is the Defendant chargeless to go? Does it go aback to the balloon court? Does it go all the way up to the Supreme Court? Questions IV - During the advance of a annulment proceeding, the adjudicator orders the bedmate and wife attack to achieve their aegis altercation through the arbitration process.  During the advance of the mediation, the bedmate tells the advocate that he has secretly been affairs marijuana to their children’s friends.  Ultimately, the arbitration break bottomward and the parties cannot appear to a settlement.  During the annulment trial, can the wife acquaint the mediator’s affidavit as evidence?

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