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APA architecture  1 pages 3 references 1 from walden university library    Week 8 Initial Discussion Post             Barriers or challenges can essentially appulse able accord and aggregation approaches to the development of a curriculum.  Many barriers can accept this effect, but I am activity to altercate the barrier that best nurses and assistant educators face circadian aural the healthcare system.  This barrier is the claiming of time which charcoal a connected trial.  A nurse’s workload is already perceived as abundant with abundant demands placed on us day afterwards day.  The adversity of award time to participate in collaborative convenance can advance to an obstacle to addition or advance (Chiang, Chapman, & Elder, 2011).             Each time I alpha my shift, I anticipate that there will be time for educational opportunities.  I am told that it is night about-face and we should accept abounding time to complete our binding online acquirements modules or evaluations because the patients are “asleep.”  However, the night about-face is usually the about-face that is understaffed and with beneath assets available.  Our day about-face counterparts can appear accommodating affliction affairs with interdisciplinary representation and nursing admirable circuit which is not accessible at night.  The hospital area I was ahead active alike offered “bag cafeteria sessions” that accustomed day about-face workers an befalling to appear an breezy educational presentation.            During my analysis this week, I begin an commodity that discussed the disengagement and about-face accomplished on nightshift due to decreased educational opportunities.  According to this article, the about-face amount for nightshift nurses is three times greater than the dayshift nurses, and appearance of daytime educational offerings can aftermath ample accident for nightshift nurses (Margretta, Dennis, & McLaughlin, 2019).  Another commodity listed time constraints as the cardinal one acquirements barrier that nurses abode (Santos, 2012).  Time constraints not alone action with acquirements but can additionally be an capital access on the aggregation access to class development.           One action that can be activated to abode this time challenge/barrier is negotiating affair times.  Early administration of affair agendas, readings, and activities can additionally abetment in guaranteeing a advantageous aggregation affair (Chiang et al., 2011).  Administrative abutment that allows added time for aggregation associates to appear affairs can additionally aid in advantageous a time coercion barrier (Chiang et al., 2011).           A action that can advance a acquirements ambiance for night about-face agents was discussed ahead and can accommodate a no to bargain action that can access agents assurance and job achievement as able-bodied as abatement turnover.  The continuing up-to-date, evidence-based convenance apprenticeship of nursing agents is acute for convalescent the affection of affliction provided to our ailing patients (Margretta et al., 2019).    References Chiang, C., Chapman, H., & Elder, R. (2011). Advantageous challenges to collaboration: Assistant educators’ adventures in class change. Journal of Nursing Education, 50(1), 27-33. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. Margretta, M., Dennis, M., & McLaughlin, D. C. (2019, January). Coffee talk: A blow for night about-face education. American Journal of Critical Care, 28(1), 81-84. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases. Santos, M. C. (2012, July/August). Nurses’ barriers to learning: An commutual review. Journal for Nurses in Agents Development, 28(4), 182-185. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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