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APA architecture 1 1/2 pages continued 3 references 1 from the discussions advertence list due 10/24/19 at 7pm    Incorporating Technology in Community-Based Learning             Different acquirements needs abide in all accommodating populations.  However, anecdotic the charge and again designing a technology-based activity requires a accurate assay of both the citizenry and the planned action.  The purpose of this altercation is to call a community-based population, call a called acquirements charge for this population, and explain how I would architecture a PowerPoint presentation that would abode that need.  Community-Based Population             I assignment in a Federally Qualified Bloom Center (FQHC) that provides primary affliction to patients beyond the lifespan.  FQHCs accept allotment from the Bloom Resources and Services Administration Bloom Center Program to accommodate affliction in medically underserved communities (Health Resources & Services Administration [HRSA], 2018).  Over 28 actor bodies accept affliction at FQHCs in the United States (HRSA, n.d.).  FQHCs use a sliding calibration fee, ensuring patients accept admission to affordable medical affliction (HRSA, 2018).  While FQHCs are advised to serve the medically uninsured, over 77% of the patients accepting affliction at FQHCs accept clandestine insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or addition governmentally adjourned bloom allowance (HRSA, 2019).  Females represent 57.65% of the accommodating population, with patients amid the ages of 25 and 69 years old presenting best frequently (HRSA, 2019).  However, the FQHC accommodating citizenry possesses different barriers to care.  A cogent hurdle for FQHCs to affected is language, as 23.63% allege a accent alternative than English (HRSA, 2019).  Additionally, 68.23% of the accommodating citizenry is at or beneath the abjection akin (HRSA, 2019).  Complicating chain of affliction with this accommodating citizenry is the aerial cardinal of afoot and melancholia workers and abandoned individuals accepting affliction (HRSA, 2019).  All combined, these factors actualize a accommodating citizenry with sub-par bloom literacy. Learning Need             Busted accommodating populations are added acceptable to accept decreased bloom articulacy levels (Whitley, Jones, Hansen, & Vora, 2019).  Additionally, patients with beneath bloom articulacy are beneath acceptable to acknowledgment for aftereffect affliction as appointed (Thompson et al., 2015).  Patients who are chronically under- or uninsured do not acknowledgment for aftereffect accessories as medical is not consistently beheld as a necessity.  Failure to aftereffect for accessories as appointed has been apparent to admission emergency administration visits and aggravate accommodating outcomes (Arora et al., 2015).  Therefore, a agency to abode the FQHC patients’ ability arrears of the charge to acknowledgment for aftereffect accessories should be articular and implemented.  Addressing the Acquirements Need             As ahead identified, associates of FQHC accommodating populations accept decreased bloom articulacy consistent in contravention with aftereffect accessories and poorer accommodating outcomes.  However, a analytical analysis of 60 studies articular argument letters as an able activity to advance accommodating compliance, thereby accretion accommodating outcomes (Hirshberg, Downes, & Srinivas, 2018).  Argument letters accommodate a low-cost, awful scalable activity to advance accommodating aftereffect (Arora et al., 2015).  Additionally, few associates of association do not accept admission to a adaptable phone.  Argument letters beatific seven days, and one day afore appointed accessories are able intervals for convalescent accommodating aftereffect (Arora et al., 2015).  Potential obstacles for this activity accommodate patients alteration their adaptable numbers, accepting bound abstracts usage, and the disability to apperceive whether the bulletin was received.  However, application argument letters to reinforce the charge for acquiescence with aftereffect affliction will abode the acquirements arrears for this accommodating population.  Additionally, orientating the arrangement agents and again including them in the accomplishing of this activity will abode the staff's acquirements need.  Therefore, a PowerPoint presentation should be advised to acclimatize the agents to this technology-based, evidence-based intervention. Summary             Acquirements needs abide in all accommodating populations.  Ongoing advances in technology are accouterment new methods for acclamation these needs.  By demography advantage of these technologies, evidence-based interventions can auspiciously be implemented in the convenance setting.      Reference Arora, S., Burner, E., Terp, S., Nok Lam, C., Nercisian, A., Bhatt, V., & Menchine, M. (2015). Convalescent appearance at post–emergency administration follow‐up via automatic argument bulletin arrangement reminders: A randomized controlled trial. Academic Emergency Medicine, 22(1), 31-37. Health Resources & Services Administration. (2018, May 8). Federally Qualified Bloom Centers. Retrieved from Health Resources & Services Administration. (2019). 2018 Bloom Center Data. Retrieved from Health Resources & Services Administration. (n.d.). HRSA Bloom Center Program. Retrieved October 1, 2019, from factsheet.pdf Hirshberg, A., Downes, K., & Srinivas, S. (2018). Comparing accepted office-based aftereffect with text-based alien ecology in the administration of postpartum hypertension: A randomised analytic trial. BMJ Quality & Safety, 27(11), 871-877. doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2018-007837 Thompson, A. C., Thompson, M. O., Young, D. L., Lin, R. C., Sanislo, S. R., Moshfeghi, D. M., & Singh, K. (2015). Barriers to aftereffect and strategies to advance adherence to accessories for affliction of abiding eye diseases. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 56(8), 4324-4331. doi:10.1167/iovs.15-16444 Whitley, M. Y., Jones, E. M. V. W., Hansen, B. K., & Vora, J. (2019). The appulse of self-monitoring claret glucose adherence on glycemic ambition accomplishment in an busted population, with pharmacy assistance. Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 44(9), 554. doi:10.43 21/s1885-642x2006000400006

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