Need it Friday By 5:30pm EST Corrections from Teacher FeedBack

***** Please Read Instructions***** SEE ATTACHMENTS Below Here is the Teacher Feedback: Your accumulation did a actual acceptable job and accept a adapted ablution point for the Final Project. You were abiding to awning all of the requirements while additionally accouterment a mostly authentic analysis. There's no agnosticism that you put a lot of adamantine assignment and anticipation while evaluating your insights and recommendations. Insights~ 20 Credibility Earned All questions were addressed and offered acceptable insights and takeaways. However, a brace of your insights were vague, or not accurate. For example, the acumen for the types of contest the association would like to see in the association is not accurate. Though Alive Contest are important, their abundance is mentions is additional to last. The blazon of accident with the accomplished approach are ‘Farmer’s/ Vendor’s Market. Similarly, while discussing the types of businesses, you accommodate a lot of variables while not allegorical which ones were best popular. For the presentation, you charge to accommodate added specific capacity with your assay to bigger abutment their accent and accuracy. Graphs & Explanations~ 17.5 Credibility Earned Most graphs/charts were addressed and abundantly accurate the acumen and advocacy for anniversary question. The acumen credibility were deducted is because of some ambiguity of which decision to use. For example, with Catechism 3 for the changes in the adjacency and application the ‘younger families, no, other’ variables. Try not to abolish the ‘other category’ as there could accommodate important circumlocution that is acclimated and is important to the residents. If you do accept to abate the responses to a few variables, be abiding to ascertain how the responses authorize for that variable. For example, what types of responses abatement beneath ‘other’? Two-Variable Analysis~ 24 Credibility Earned The two variables you called were actual appropriate, and the acumen was accurately valuable. I absolutely admired how you accede that the use of space, and the concrete ambiance charge to be advised while authoritative any improvements.  Recommendations~ 20 Credibility Earned Most of the recommendations were actual adapted and offered acceptable solutions, however, there are a brace of criticisms. First, Advocacy #1 and #3 are too agnate in agreement of allegory analysis from surveys. Next, you charge to accommodate added specific advice that the burghal planners would be able to put into action. For example, area could they put alfresco dining with alive entertainment? Back putting calm your recommendations, be abiding to put some anticipation into the logistics- space, budgeting, etc.- that would accomplish it added of a astute possibility. Grammar & Spelling~ 5 Point Earned A brace spelling/grammatical mistakes were made. For example, in the Advocacy for the Two-Variable Assay you say, ‘cannot be avoidable’ back it should be ‘cannot be avoided’. Similarly, in Advocacy #1 you use ‘together again delivery’ area you bare to use ‘together again deliver’. **** My Questions Are 4, 5, and 6. Additionally charge the Graphs done as well.***** See Attachment Below

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