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   Big Abstracts – Hadoop Ecosystems Import the accounts table into HDFS book system: 1) Acceptation account: $ sqoop acceptation \ --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/loudacre \ --username training --password training \ --table accounts \ --target-dir /loudacre/accounts \ --null-non-string '\\N' 2) List the capacity of the accounts directory: $ hdfs dfs -ls /loudacre/accounts 3) Acceptation incremental updates to accounts As Loudacre adds new accounts in MySQL accounts table, the annual abstracts in HDFS charge be adapted as accounts are created. You can use Sqoop to adjoin these new records. Run the calligraphy to add the latest accounts to MySQL. $ DEV1/exercises/sqoop/ Incrementally acceptation and adjoin the anew added accounts to the accounts directory. Use Sqoop to acceptation on the aftermost amount on the acct_num cavalcade better annual ID: $ sqoop acceptation \ --connect jdbc:mysql://localhost/loudacre \ --username training --password training \ --incremental adjoin \ --null-non-string '\\N' \ --table accounts \ --target-dir /loudacre/accounts \ --check-column acct_num \ --last-value <largest_acct_num> 4) You should see three new files. Use Hadoop’s cat command to appearance the absolute capacity of these files. hdfs dfs -cat /loudacre/accounts/part-m-0000[456]

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