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You are assignment with troubleshooting a allotment of accessories and advertisement your allegation in a analytical way for all to understand. The accessories you baddest can be assignment accompanying or claimed equipment. You charge actualize a PowerPoint presentation and academic accounting address answer your troubleshooting process, cessation and recommended solution.  Presentation Description Using Microsoft PowerPoint software and photos architecture a troubleshooting assay presentation that explains your analytical troubleshooting action to the class. The cold is to present the botheration and the facts to acquiesce the chic to anatomy their own acceptance again acknowledge your findings.  Presentation Outline: ​1. Overview  ​2. Background Information ​3. Initial Assumptions ​4. Troubleshooting Steps (Systematic Analysis) ​5. Solutions to the problem Formal Address Format Using the formalized abortion address outline on pages 578 -579 actualize a academic address that reflects your troubleshooting assay presentation. This academic accounting address is due on the aftermost day of the course. Written Address Outline: ​1. Overview ​2. Background advice and/or arbitrary of events ​3. Abortion Analysis ​4. Conclusion ​5. Recommendations

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