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 NSTRUCTIONS-   Resource Information In this assignment, you should assignment with books.csv file. This book contains the abundant advice about books aching via the Goodreads . The dataset is downloaded from Kaggle website: Each row in the book includes ten columns. Abundant description for anniversary cavalcade is provided in the following: bookID: A different Identification cardinal for anniversary book. title: The name beneath which the book was published. authors: Names of the authors of the book. Multiple authors are belted with -. average_rating: The boilerplate appraisement of the book accustomed in total. isbn: Another different cardinal to analyze the book, the International Accepted Book Number. isbn13: A 13-digit ISBN to analyze the book, instead of the accepted 11-digit ISBN. language_code: Helps accept what is the primary accent of the book.  num_pages: Cardinal of pages the book contains. ratings_count: Absolute cardinal of ratings the book received. text_reviews_count: Absolute cardinal of accounting argument reviews the book received. Task Write the afterward codes: Use pandas to apprehend the book as a dataframe (named as books). bookIDcolumn should be the basis of the dataframe. Use books.head() to see the aboriginal 5 rows of the dataframe. Use book.shape to acquisition the cardinal of rows and columns in the dataframe. Use books.describe() to abridge the data. Use books['authors'].describe() to acquisition about cardinal of different authors in the dataset and additionally best common author. Use OLS corruption to analysis if boilerplate appraisement of a book is abased to cardinal of pages, cardinal of ratings, and absolute cardinal of accounting argument reviews the book received. Summarize your allegation in a Chat file. Instructions Please chase these admonition carefully. Please blazon your codes in a Jupyter Network book and your arbitrary in a chat certificate called as follows: HW6YourFirstNameYourLastName.

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