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   Cover arrangement standards and analysis accepted trends and expectations for arrangement telecommunication standards. Analysis into areas of arrangement telecommunication standards. Carry your analysis alike added exploring acclimation bodies in the breadth of telecommunication networks including: 3GPP for cellular networks, IEEE 802.11 BBF for wireline networks, IETF for the Future Internet, ONF for software-defined networks, ETSI ISG NFV for arrangement functions virtualization, oneM2M for machine-to-machine communications ETSI TC ITS for able busline systems. Then adapt a adapt a five-page cardboard discussing in bookish detail how these acclimation organizations advice the telecommunications industry to abutment and animate interoperability amid businesses acceptance a common arena area all stakeholders can articulation opinions apropos the administration these standards should follow. General Cardboard Requirements: Paper will charge to accommodate an APA awning page. Paper will charge to accommodate a 100 to 150 chat abstract. Paper will charge to be a minimum of 2,000 words not      including the awning page, abstract, and advertence page. Paper will charge to be accurate with a minimum of three      academic resources.

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