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   Assignment 7, Due Monday, November 5, 11:30am READ THIS QUESTION VERY CAREFULLY TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTANFAVOID MISTAKES. In chic on Wednesday, Oct. 31, we went a bit off clue and, rather, discussed the tribalistic trend that has been arising in American backroom for, at least, the accomplished decade and seems to accept begin an alike added abundant arena beneath the Trump presidency. During our discussions, we additionally alluded vaguely to the altitude that can advance to civilian wars in societies that accept a “tribal” problem, such as America appropriate now.  QUESTION: Let’s brainstorm for a minute that the United States was an African country. Linking your arguments to the affair of indigenous and/or ancestral bellicism in a multi-ethnic society, can you action a believable book in which, due to its “tribal problem” as is currently actuality witnessed, the United States could aback acquisition itself coast into an abrupt civilian war or alike a coup? EXCERPT: Can you acquisition ONE extract in what you accept apprehend from the Roessler book so far (in the readings for the antecedent weeks or for abutting week) that can advice to explain or abutment the book that you accept absitively to action in the aboriginal allotment of the appointment above? Be abiding to explain why you anticipate this extract helps to brighten or abutment your scenario. If  NOTE: Keep in apperception that the catechism we are absolutely aggravating to acknowledgment actuality is: What are the affairs or altitude that can advance a country such as the United States to civilian war if its “tribal problems” abound to become badly dividing? In alternative words, your book should try to administer this catechism to the United States and call a bearings in which the United States, based on what you apperceive of its ethnic/racial divides, could about aback and accidentally abatement into the civilian war brain-teaser due to its “tribal problem,” aloof like in Africa, admitting which has continued been apparent as accepting a abiding democracy, TYPE YOUR ANSWER BELOW THEN SUBMIT ON CANVAS BY THE DEADLINE · 200 words minimum as usual. · The extract does not calculation appear your 200 total. · The blow of your instructions are on Canvas, on the folio area you got this appointment from.

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