Need discussion for SCI207 Our dependence upon the environment details below & reading attached

 Prior to alpha assignment on this altercation forum, apprehend Chapter 4 in your advance textbook. Imagine that you are a citizen of Ashfordton, a association whose characteristics are declared below. You accept appear calm with your neighbors for a appropriate affair to devise a administering plan for allowance the association become added airy and acceptable in agreement of its aliment assembly by 2050. A association that is airy is able to balance bound from contest like aridity or storms. By accretion its own aliment production, Ashfordton can additionally abate its aliment miles—the ambit that alien aliment charge travel. By authoritative its aliment assembly added sustainable, Ashfordton can advice ensure that its residents’ aliment needs are supplied for ancestors to come, after agreement disproportionate abuse on the bounded ambiance in the process. Fortunately, you accept all abounding the affair with the ability that you accept acquired from your readings in this course. Now it is time to put your cerebration cap on and get to work! Your account should abide of one or added of the afterward elements (some suggestions may administer to both categories): Food resiliency measures (e.g., architecture vertical farms in the burghal centermost to ensure that burghal association can accept admission to fresh, organically developed produce). Food sustainability measures (e.g., phasing out use of amoebic pesticides in favor of accompaniment burying and alternative amoebic methods).  Post at atomic two abstracted and absolutely aboriginal ideas.   Post at atomic six altered pros and six altered cons should be in complete sentence. Overview of the city:  Population: 32,434h Population Growth: +4.7% Elevation: 56 ft. aloft sea level Avg. Low Temp (Jan.): 25 F Avg. High Temp (July): 64F Annual Rainfall: 71 in. Annual Snowfall: 80 in. Sunny Days Per Year: 86 Drinking Water Source: groundwater and river Urban Area: 14 sq. mi. Main Power Source:natural gas Average Commute:15.6 minutes % Taking Mass Transit: 5.3% Top Occupations: public administering (23.8%) health affliction (12.3%) educational casework (8.1%) retail barter (8.7%) Overview: The association of Ashfordton is amid at the abject of a mountain, on a secluded ocean inlet, amidst by rugged, forested acreage covered with bandbox and fir trees. The alone admission to the burghal is by bear or plane; no anchorage affix it to other communities in the region. Winters are wet, mild, and long, with bound sunlight due to its area so far north. The burghal serves as the basic for the accompaniment of New Grammarly. The burghal is acclaimed for its breathtaking beauty; alpine mountains capped by glaciers can be apparent from the downtown. Tourism is a cogent antecedent of revenue. Fishing is still important to the community, although it is an occupation for alone a actual baby atom of the city’s residents.

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