Need by 9 pm Sunday 3.3 Outline for Week 4 Final Sales Presentation

 MUST HAVE Mac(apple)  See Attachment! Apprehend the INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!! In adjustment to complete the Outline, you charge to analysis the absolute assignment, Final Sales Presentation, listed in Week Four. Outline – Final Sales Presentation Objective: To adapt your video presentation by anecdotic the assorted appropriate components. Instructions: The outline will awning the basal elements of your Final Presentation. The outline should contain: 1. The Product/Service/Charity/Business you accept selected. 2. Website area this bartering will be viewed. 3. Define the Ambition Bazaar - Who do you appetite to watch the bartering and buy your product, accord to your charity, etc. See below. Choose specific demographics to ambition that apply. Figure out not alone who has a charge for your artefact or service, but additionally who is best acceptable to buy it. Think about the afterward factors: Age  Location Gender Income level Education level Marital or ancestors status Occupation Ethnic background Discuss the psychographics of your target. Psychographics are the added claimed characteristics of a person, including: Personality Attitudes Values Interests/hobbies Lifestyles Behavior Determine how your artefact or account will fit into your target's lifestyle. How and back will your ambition use the product? What appearance are best ambrosial to your target? What media does your ambition about-face to for information? Does your ambition apprehend the newspaper, chase online, or appear accurate events? Evaluate your decision. Once you've absitively on a ambition market, be abiding to accede these questions: Are there abundant bodies who fit my criteria? Will my ambition absolutely account from my product/service? Will they see a charge for it? Do I accept what drives my ambition to accomplish decisions? Can they allow my product/service? Can I ability them with my message? Are they calmly accessible? 4. The aperture – How will you grab the admirers attention? 5. The basal elements of the presentation: (Product shots, testimonials, endorsements, graphs, etc.) If you are including statistics, what is your ambition to establish? 6. Your music alternative (required) 7. The Call to Action – How and area will the anticipation buy or donate? This should be actual specific. Please abide in a Word Document.

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