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   2.1 EverInstructions Watch the video Everyone Has a Worldview and      complete the online analysis accompanying to worldview begin beneath the video.      Copy the accumulative account that identifies your worldview based aloft the      survey. If you are demography this advance onsite, this altercation      activity will booty abode beneath the advice of your adviser in the      classroom. If you are demography this advance online, cross to the      threaded altercation below.  Scroll up to apprehend the instructions, again      "Start a New Thread" and column your acknowledgment to the afterward      question: Paste the analysis arbitrary into your altercation       response. Analyze the akin at which the analysis after-effects are       compatible with what you apperceive and believe. What characterization (in four words or less) would you use to       summarize your worldview? Your antecedent column is due by the end of the additional day      of the workshop. Read and acknowledge to at atomic two of your classmates’      postings, as able-bodied as all aftereffect adviser questions directed to you,      by the end of the module. Your postings should: Be able-bodied developed, accommodate allusive information, and       be declared clearly. Add greater abyss to the altercation by introducing       your own ideas, rather than restating what your classmates accept aggregate       (Include abundant added than: “Great post,” or “I agree.”). Directly abode the account your classmates accept acquaint       in adjustment to accord to astute conversation.

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