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This week, you will consolidate the accounting contest from Anniversary 1 to Anniversary 5 based on your claimed account entries and adapt a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of about 15–20 slides to present a arbitrary of your adventure and the action of how you accept developed able administration skills. This appointment draws on your own experiences. You are encouraged to chronicle and use examples from your antecedent or accepted jobs or apprentice authoritative administration roles. You should accommodate the afterward items in your presentation: Explain what you accept abstruse about able administration practice, in general, from this course. Evaluate and explain how this convenance can chronicle to the key behavioral guidelines. Analyze and call which behavioral guidelines were the best difficult to implement. Explain means you can abide alive against developing able administration abilities in this area. Describe how you can administer what you accept abstruse to accompanying adventures or problems. Your presentation will be graded according to the afterward accepted criteria: Extraordinary accomplishment and adroitness in commutual the assignment. A absolute compassionate of the basal concepts. Evidence of cogent internalization of the advance materials.

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